Tax lacey: the “red envelope” of tax rebate is timely received to stimulate the vitality of enterprise development

2022-05-23 0 By

Peninsula network on April 2 – (reporter xu round the correspondent Xu Runqing Hou Yifeng) to ensure that the April 1st left on tax refund New Deal fell fine ground, closely around the state administration of taxation, Qingdao lacey had revenue tax official work deployment, top design and operational, responsibility to the hillock, wall charts, on the table, in order to “start is the decisive battle, the launching is sprint” forge ahead,Pay close attention to the “construction countdown”, grab the last “period” before the implementation of the policy.April 1, 2022 is the first day of the implementation of the policy of further increasing the end of the VAT retention tax rebate. Just after going to work at 8:30 in the morning, Laixi Tax Bureau welcomed the application of the retention tax rebate submitted by Qingdao Jinlai Thermal Power Co., LTD.”About an hour after we submitted the application, we received the text message of the tax refund.”Lv Yanbo, finance director of Qingdao Jinlai Thermal Power Co., LTD., exulted: “I never expected that the efficiency of the tax department is so high.””Due to the rise in coal prices at the end of last year and the rising production costs of enterprises, coupled with the severe situation of the epidemic this year, enterprises have great pressure on capital turnover.As soon as the new tax rebate policy was introduced, the tax department conducted policy guidance to us in a timely manner. The good policies of the state made our enterprises particularly warm, and boosted our confidence and determination for good development.””With the tax refund, we can purchase coal and replenish our inventory this year. We can also upgrade and maintain equipment to ensure people’s livelihood and provide better services to society,” Lu said.The Tax bureau of Laixi mastered the list of eligible taxpayers in advance through accurate data calculation, and sent the new tax rebate policy to 1371 eligible taxpayers in a comprehensive and rapid manner.In order to give consideration to the efficiency and quality of retained tax rebate, Laixi Tax Bureau vigorously implemented the classification and guidance mechanism in batches, reminding taxpayers to handle retained tax rebate business point-to-point.In order to ensure that policy dividends can be directly and quickly shared, Laixi Tax Bureau took the initiative to communicate with finance and the People’s Bank of China, calculated and communicated the scale of funds reserved for tax rebate in advance, and ensured sufficient preparation of funds reserved for tax rebate. Meanwhile, it coordinated with departments involved in each process of tax rebate, established a green channel for the whole process of tax rebate reserved for tax rebate, and prioritized acceptance and payment.”Tax authorities will firmly resist the political responsibility of tax rebates and tax reductions, and fully implement all preferential tax policies, in exchange for better services and faster enjoyment of taxpayers’ satisfaction.In return for the ‘increase’ and ‘advance’ of the development of enterprises, we will do a good job of benefiting the country, the people, enterprises and taxes.”Laixi City Tax Bureau party secretary, director Wang Cheng said.