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The project general manager is both the decision maker and the executor in the company, and shall not tolerate any mistakes in project progress, project quality, cost control and marketing promotion.At the same time, as a “front line” commander, he must draw up the overall development plan and step by step execution plan for each system of the project, and participate in the company’s decision making.But housing enterprises in the project total selection, training and appointment are often unsatisfactory.The management complains that “people are hard to use” and the HUMAN resources department complains that “people are hard to recruit”.Obviously, how to do a good job of project overall selection, training and appointment has become a difficult problem for housing enterprises.So, what do you need to be a qualified project manager?In this article, Bioma Commercial Real estate analyzes the capabilities that a project always needs to have.Familiar with real estate market, insight into industry trends are global shortage for a domain, chest and strategies to do specific work can be more easy, understand industry trends can make us when making decisions don’t blindly, not lost the direction, only for industry trends’ spoilers, do things to do, ingenious in runoff away.China’s property situation has always been inseparable from China’s national policy.China’s real estate situation is mainly determined by two aspects of policy, one is the country’s financial policy, the other is the country’s real estate regulation policy.Over the years, the state has been regulating the real estate situation, but no matter how it is regulated, if the financial policy leaves enough room for the real estate, then the real estate must be upward.Real estate development in the past few years has fully verified this point.Today, real estate regulation is not to relax, but in the real estate finance has a tendency to tighten, compared to previous years, the real estate industry ushered in the tough time, but as long as China’s urbanization process is not stagnant, as long as people just need to have not been satisfied, as long as people hand money no reasonable investment way, China’s real estate will not be reversed, will continue to develop,Only after the era of gold everywhere has passed, Chinese real estate will inevitably move towards the road of differentiation. Real estate enterprises must provide differentiated products, products with enterprise brand connotation, and give more added value to the products, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and survive in the fierce competition.As a project general manager, the local market is his main battleground, so he must have a clear understanding of his local market.To understand the market situation, we can start from the following aspects: 1. What is the GDP of your city?2. What is the overall size of the real estate in the city?Mainly including the land market and real estate market two aspects of content, understand the local market capacity, real estate market development trend, so as to control the company’s project push pace.To understand competitors, we can start from the following aspects: the market in the city, the ranking of market sales, the ranking of single plate sales, the distribution of competitors’ main products, etc.Understanding these information helps to judge the position of the plate in the market, as well as the potential of the plate, understand how much a single plate can do in the market, and the local market recognition of the overall market.Control the direction of product design is a direct reflection of the competitiveness of an enterprise, or their own products, products in line with the needs of the market can quickly open sales.In terms of design, the general manager of the project should control the following aspects: 1. Do a good job of market research and find out the market demand.Determine product sales rate or the product itself, to be a hot property, must be designed to meet the market products, so the market survey is very important, before the preliminary design of the first step is for market research, the main product types, door model of area, commonly used door model figure on the market, other products of outstanding design advantages, etc.2. Control the general layout of products.The general plan of the building is one of the major real estate companies to focus on the control of matters, as a project to control the general plan as long as the master of a few points: (1) there are ups and downs of the terrain, the layout of the building to echo the terrain.(2) Check whether building spacing, building height limit, red line distance, building sunshine and other indicators meet local requirements.③ View the overall design style of the general drawing.Fourth, check the general plan of roads, entrances and exits layout, dynamic partition is reasonable.The general plan mainly reflects the relationship between the buildings, as well as the relationship between the project and the surrounding environment. It should conform to the overall development direction of the city and meet the aesthetic standards of Chinese people.3. Control the facade style of the building.The exterior facade style of a building is the most important element that can reflect the characteristics of a project. The quality of the exterior facade style of a building directly determines the grade and popularity of a project.To consumer, the most concerned or product door model, door model is an indoor space distribution is reasonable directly reflect.Good door compares founder commonly, north and south fully, space allocation is reasonable.The size of the house should be combined with the needs of the local market, and the main house should meet the mainstream needs of the local market.To ensure the cash flow of a project is the first important thing to ensure the normal operation of a project. Therefore, as a project manager, the most important task is to do a good job in the planning of the project cash flow and ensure the good operation of the project cash flow, so as to ensure the smooth completion and delivery of the project.Project cash flow planning should be made in the project stage, which is also an important basis for judging whether a project is worth doing.To do a good job in planning the cash flow of the project, the following tasks should be carried out: 1. Investigate the price level of similar products in the market and similar areas to determine the initial product price of the project; 2.2. Make preliminary strong assessment of the project to determine the project indicators;3. Calculate the cost and profit of the project to determine the profit level of the project;4. Determine the preliminary plan of the project to determine the key nodes related to payment collection and payment, such as the start time, opening time, plus or minus zero time, subject capping time, completion delivery time, etc.;5. Determine the development rhythm and opening rhythm, and determine the amount of capital needed before opening;6. Determine the return time of cash flow;7. Determine the time of liquidation.Determine the amount and means of financing according to the situation of capital investment and capital withdrawal, and actively do a good job in financing docking to ensure the progress of each project and ensure the cash flow of the project.Grasp the target cost, the implementation of dynamic cost control every enterprise is busy for profit, of course, the total project must strive for profit.In order to gain profits, it is necessary to strictly control costs. Every standardized enterprise has calculated project profits before the project starts. If it can achieve the preset goals of the project, it is a basic success.Cost control is also an overall required course of a project.Now the method of cost control and the cost is relatively transparent, the key is to list all the costs in a framework at the beginning, no leakage is an important means to ensure that the cost does not exceed the standard.This is what cost people often refer to as total cost management.To achieve total cost management must master tools, the whole process of cost detailed target decomposition.In the process of cost execution, ensure that each cost is completed within the target decomposition.The dynamic cost and target cost should be compared every month, and the deviation should be found and solved in time to ensure that the total cost does not exceed the target cost, so as to ensure the profit of the project.As a qualified project general manager must learn to use management tools to assist management work.The management tools commonly used in management are mainly as follows: 1. Project planning.Project plan is the most important tool of project management. Here, the definition of plan includes a wide range of contents. Project plan includes various departments involved in project construction management, such as personnel (team formation), design, cost, construction application, engineering, marketing, acceptance, investment, opening, partnership, etc.It is a comprehensive management plan, rather than a simple engineering plan. If carried out, plan management is the most important part of operation management, which covers all the basic business flows of the company and is the key to the success or failure of a project.The so-called operation management is nothing more than adding the assessment content and bonus distribution of each department on the basis of planning management.2. Company system.One of the quickest ways to learn more about a company is to read up on the system as soon as possible.In general, a company with standard management will specify in the system how the business flow of the company is carried out, which departments are involved, what is the authority and work interface of each department, what is the requirement of work time limit, what is the standard of work completion, and who is the specific person in charge of each business.Master the system to know how to work in the company, so Biao Ma commercial real estate management system is that every employee, including the project manager should be familiar with the management tool.3. Personnel information collection form and preparation questionnaire.As a person in charge of the company, I should have a basic understanding of the company’s personnel situation. The personnel information collection form can help the project to understand some basic information of the team members, such as post, age, entry time, length of service, education, major, basic resume, etc., so as to have a basic understanding and judgment of the company’s personnel situation.The preparation questionnaire is a basic judgment of each department head on the working status of his subordinates, which can help the project manager to further understand his team.It is certainly not up to the project general manager to know how well a project is managed, whether its results are good or bad, whether it is successful or not. As a project manager, he must always know how to exert the strength of the team and stimulate the collective fighting strength.A combative collective should be one with healthy team culture and simple interpersonal relationship. If the interpersonal relationship is complicated, it will inevitably lead to serious internal friction and serious impact on efficiency. Such a team is bound to have no centrivity.The most important things to do well in team management are to pay attention to three points.1. Motivation.The original intention of getting together is to do things, so we should establish a set of incentive system according to how things are done, and carry out corresponding incentives according to the results, so as to promote the development of things to the best result from the internal factors of the team.This is the way most companies distribute bonuses, but some companies have a more reasonable way, and some companies have a more mediocre way.But in general the rewards tend to be at the top, reflecting the prevailing management philosophy that teams are brought in and that everything needs to be checked and implemented.2. Supervision.Only the incentive of bonus is only positive guidance and stimulation, but also must have assessment and supervision.Task allocation, without supervision and assessment can not achieve the highest efficiency, the purpose of supervision and assessment is to implement process management.3. Team culture construction.A fighting team must be a team with faith and team culture. It can be seen from our party’s army construction and party construction concept that fighting for the people and having a good style of work are the most basic requirements.The goals set by the team construction should be simple, clear and practical, and should not be false. Of course, every enterprise pursues different corporate culture and philosophy. In addition to identifying and following the corporate philosophy, a small team should pay attention to humanistic care.Conclusion: In the Silver Age, real estate has entered the era of great reshuffle, and the market Matthew effect is obvious. All real estate enterprises are facing new development problems and multiple pressures.As the era of land equals money goes by, the profitability of a project becomes more and more important.As a crucial factor affecting project profitability, the project manager needs strong personal ability.Zhu Geliang – Biao Ma China, more than 20 years of professional, dedicated, focus on the transformation of real estate enterprises in cities and counties featured towns, commercial real estate & industrial real estate projects to provide full nanny menu services:1. Take land consultant, cooperate with international and domestic robots, science and technology universities, smart hospitals, cultural creativity, endowment industry resources, and plan top-level design for featured real estate projects such as featured towns and featured commercial streets;2. Integrate planning and design, cooperate with the National First-class architectural design Institute, and transform commercial real estate such as complex, shopping center, commercial street, professional market and community business for real estate enterprises;Industrial real estate such as business travel, cultural and innovation, scientific and technological innovation, agricultural innovation, health, sports and leisure, old-age education, new economic park development, provide positioning planning, concept planning, architectural design schemes;3. Leasing and sales agent, with more than 20 years of menu service experience in cities and counties of 10 million square meters, attracting investment and sales for industrial real estate and commercial real estate projects such as trade logistics real estate and characteristic commercial street;4. Project diagnosis, providing solutions for local and county projects;5. Full consultant, escort the whole project with more than 20 years of accumulated menu service experience.