A family in Shandong province mistook their daughter for a thief after a door lock was changed.

2022-05-24 0 By

On January 22, Dongying, Shandong province, there was something that made people laugh and cry.On that day, a woman’s unit distributed many gifts for the festival, just want to take home directly after work.However, when he opened the door, not only did he not open it, but he was mistaken for a thief.As can be seen in the video, Ms. Li happily went home with the gift to prepare for the Chinese New Year, but when she got home, she found that the key could not be used and could not be inserted, so she tried the fingerprint again. The result was that the father’s mobile phone alarm went off, thinking it was a thief. When she opened the video, she found that her daughter was back.Originally, the door lock changed at home, has not told her daughter, Ms. Li was very happy, in the first year to work in the field, the unit sent a lot of gifts, want to surprise their parents, but even the door can not enter, also almost be a thief, feel that he is not his own……Watching this video, I feel so funny.It is estimated that the parents also felt afraid because of the thief, so they changed the high-level door lock, and could call the police on their mobile phones. They really feel safe.The daughter did not come home for some time, and the parents must have forgotten to tell her after changing the lock, waiting for the daughter to come back and take fingerprints, but the daughter still thought she could open the door, so it made a joke.Children are always the baby of their parents. When their daughter takes everything home, their parents will be very happy. In fact, they are a happy family.