Golovkin returns to training, announces plans for 2022

2022-05-24 0 By

Golovkin, the IBF middleweight champion, returned to training camp promising a few “big things” for 2022, likely with a rematch against Ryota Murata in April, followed by a triple fight with old rival Mexican superstar Alvarez.Golovkin VS Ryuta Murata was originally scheduled to play on New Year’s Eve in Japan, but the match had to be postponed because the country’s COVID agreement prevented Golovkin from entering.Golovkin, who turns 40 on April 8, has not fought since his victory over undefeated Polish challenger Kamil Szeremeta in December 2020.But his marketable fight with Ryuta Murata (16-2, 13 Kos) will be sensational because of Murata’s influence in Japan, and it will be a brutal one.On top of that, there are already rumors that If Alvarez chooses to fight in September, Golovkin (36-KO, 41-1-1) will fight him in a triple fight, a fight that boxing fans have been waiting for, with Alvarez drawing with Golovkin in the first two matches and Alvarez beating Golovkin in points in the second.But many boxing fans believe Golovkin is the winner.Golovkin and Alvarez ended a controversial tie in 2017, before Alvarez won the fight in a 2018 rematch.DAZN had wanted the pair to fight for a third time since signing Golovkin in 2019, but Alvarez, a superstar, showed only fleeting interest.There is renewed interest in the game, but there is no guarantee.The most important thing for Golovkin right now is that he is training and he wants the Ryuta Murata fight in April and wants to win it to gain negotiating value and leverage for a triple fight with Alvarez.