Leong Loch shi and Kwok Ka man in the New Year, who is the weight of the woman in Richard Li’s heart?

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The annual Spring Festival is not only a wonderful time for family reunions, but also a time for some women who have connections with wealthy families to show off.On February 2, Guo Jiawen, who has been the girlfriend of Richard Li for five years, couldn’t help updating her social media account. This time, Guo Jiawen took a trip with a famous brand bag on her back.Guo jiwen was wearing a blue sweater and a white skirt. She was smiling and sent her best wishes to netizens in the comments section.It seems that she did not appear for a long time, still living a very moist day.There was a period of time, the Internet has been guo Jiawen has become a small superman in the past, replaced by ma Goddess Lin Xuan Yu.But judging from the red heart bag guo Jiawen carries, her financial strength is still not to be underestimated.It is reported that the bag is a new luxury brand, the price is more than 100,000 yuan.From this point of view, Guo Jiawen is still the real girlfriend of Richard Li, but now there are some subtle changes in the relationship with Richard Li, but the degree of favor is not strong in the early years.A day later, on the evening of February 3, Leong also posted an update on her social media account. Leong, who always keeps a low profile, rarely appeared in the camera, but showed her two cats she adopted.Under leong’s meticulous care, these two former stray cats are full of “temperament”.I have to say, these two cats are lucky to have met a woman as sweet and caring as Leong.It is worth mentioning that Although Leong loshi is not like Guo Jiawen love to post selfies, but the background of the cat is the dense woods, there is no doubt that this Spring Festival, Leong Loshi is in the value of 500 million super wooden villa spent.In fact, from the “layout” of Richard Li, it can be seen that Leong Loh-shi is the most important woman in his heart and even in his life.And Hong Kong sister Guo Jiawen, at best is just a spirit and r body world “foil” just.In terms of reward, if all of Li’s ex-girlfriends were added to the current kwok Ka man, it would be one-third less than Leong’s.You know, this shek O “super cabin” but Richard Li’s heart, but he did not hesitate to give Leong Loch.Rich families have always attached great importance to children, although Leong loh-shi did not knock on the door of the Lee family, but the three “trump cards” are really exist, so even if li Tzar-kai’s next girlfriend is who, will not let Leong status change.Instead, as her sons grew up, Leong became more and more important in the Lee family.Logically, Kwok Ka Man and Li Tzar-kai have been together for five years. If the other party really wanted to promote her to the top, would they not let her get pregnant and have children?So, to put it bluntly, Richard Li is just consuming Guo Jiawen’s youth.And guo Jiawen in the bureau, no matter how Li Zekai snubbed her, do not want to take the initiative to break up, perhaps she still do not want to wake up from a dream.