On the first “date” of spring, who did fuyang’s secretary and mayor meet?

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On the first working day of the New Year of the Tiger, fuyang held a “Fuyang Entrepreneur Day”.Fuyang Municipal party committee, the city government is mainly responsible for comrades, and entrepreneurs on behalf of the intimate “date”, development, seek common future.Entrepreneurs pay special attention to the first Party of the New Year, not only because it is held early, but also because it can reveal the direction of a city in the New Year.”Fuyang entrepreneurs Day” symposium.Pang Cheng reported the economic and social development of Fuyang in 2021 at the symposium.Fan Diancai, Shen Cenkuan, Wang Zhibang and other 11 entrepreneurs made speeches and put forward their opinions and suggestions.Fuyang Municipal Party secretary Sun Zhengdong, on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, thanked the entrepreneurs for their contributions to the economic and social development of Fuyang, and asked the relevant departments to seriously study and absorb the opinions and suggestions put forward by everyone, and strive to do a good job for the entrepreneurs.Prior to the meeting, authorized by Sun Zhengdong, fuyang municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor Liu Yujie, vice secretary of municipal party committee li also respectively led visits condolences representatives of a number of entrepreneurs, ask enterprise in project construction, production and operation of the difficulties and problems, and ask them for improving work style, improve the service efficiency of opinions and Suggestions.This is the first “entrepreneur Day” in Fuyang.Earlier in August 2021, fuyang city issued the respect entrepreneurs taxpayers ten system (try out) “, to create “entrepreneurs,” system – the first working day after the Spring Festival every year as “fuyang entrepreneur day”, by city leaders visits condolences business operators, entrepreneurs seminar, listen to entrepreneurs advice face to face,We will focus on publicizing and reporting the outstanding deeds and outstanding contributions of outstanding entrepreneurs to create a social atmosphere of respect, support, service and tolerance for private entrepreneurs, and further encourage entrepreneurs in the city to stick to their industry, work and start their own businesses, and maintain their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship.Why does Fuyang attach so much importance to entrepreneurs?Because Fuyang soberly realized that the rise of the city, the rise of entrepreneurs.Entrepreneurs are the scarce resources and development power of a city.In recent years, the overall scale of fuyang’s private economy has been growing, its innovation ability has been enhanced, its quality and efficiency has been improved, and its development potential has been released. In 2020, the added value of the city’s private economy reached 184.12 billion yuan, accounting for 65.6% of GDP, and private market entities accounted for 96.2%.The tax revenue of private economy reached 20.29 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the city’s tax revenue. The total import and export volume of private economy reached 10.86 billion yuan, accounting for more than 90% of the city’s total import and export volume. It has become an irreplaceable force in the development of Fuyang and made indelible contributions.Fuyang “double recruitment double citation” and economic situation analysis and dispatching meeting.Guo Haiyang photograph current, regional competition is increasingly fierce.How to promote fuyang economy to leapfrog and catch up and strive for advance?The fuyang Municipal Party committee and municipal government are mainly responsible for the strategic deployment of optimizing the business environment, strengthening the “double recruitment and double introduction” and promoting the high-quality development of private economy, “two transformation and one push”.At the conference held in June 2021, representatives of entrepreneurs who have made outstanding tax contributions to Fuyang sit on the podium, sending a clear signal of respecting entrepreneurs and taxpayers!Fuyang city held a “two transformation and one push” conference.Half a year time fleeting, fuyang respect for entrepreneurs, respect for taxpayers more resolute attitude!Different from the Spring Festival and other festival activities, “Fuyang Entrepreneurs Day” belongs to a specific city specific groups of memorial day, showing fuyang to have ideals, aspirations, feelings of entrepreneurs of a kind of value and cultural guidance, is fuyang in the name of a city, to the entrepreneur groups in Fu offered the highest respect!How long does it take for a 1 billion yuan equipment intelligent manufacturing innovation demonstration project to start smoothly from contract signing?Fuyang gives the answer, 3 months!On October 22, 2021, The innovative demonstration project of Goldwind Wind Power Equipment Intelligent manufacturing was started in Fuhe Modern Industrial Park.The start of the Fu project marks a new step in building a “double billion” wind power equipment manufacturing industrial park and a “carbon neutral” innovation demonstration park.Also at the end of 2021, a piece of news flooded fuyang people’s circle of friends — on December 18, 2021, the first Fuyang Investment and Trade Fair opened.Aerial shot of Fuyang.This news is hot “out of the circle”, not only because it attracted 678 guests and merchants, more than 170 influential enterprises to attend the conference, but also because it has achieved tangible results, the scene of 127 projects signed centralized contracts, among which 117 industrial projects, a total investment of more than 97 billion yuan;Experts and scholars attending the meeting and “enterprise pioneers” praised Fuyang as a hot place for investment, innovation and entrepreneurship….Work on the ground, can walk in the forefront.In 2021, Fuyang has introduced 479 projects worth more than 100 million yuan from outside the province, with 102.05 billion yuan in place, an increase of 29.3%, ranking third in the province.395 new projects of more than 100 million yuan were signed, with a total contract amount of 20.13 billion yuan.Why do major projects favor Fuyang?All this, from the service, to service.The first Fuyang Investment and trade fair.Guo Haiyang since 2021, Fuyang actively create entrepreneur society, standard learning Ningbo, Qingdao and other places advanced experience, depth to promote the “decentralization of management and service” reform, further promote the “one net one door”, project approval and other reforms.We will earnestly implement policies to assist enterprises and improve the functions of integrated financial services platforms for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.We have innovatively implemented the project to encourage businesses to pay their taxes and provide services for 1,000 employees, earnestly implemented the ten-point system of respecting entrepreneurs and taxpayers, and introduced the one-percent Work Law for enterprises that provide services.Continuously improve service efficiency, devoting to create the “four most” business environment, for project signing, landing, construction, development to create a comprehensive service network.03 Yong when the revitalization of northern Anhui spearhead a few days ago, 2021 Economic report card of 16 cities in Anhui.Fuyang is the only city in northern Anhui province among the top four.In terms of growth rate, Fuyang ranked first in northern Anhui with a growth rate of 9%.Whether total or growth rate, Fuyang!Are worthy to sit on the top of the north Anhui chair.Just in the past year, fuyang main economic indicators to achieve a progressive.In terms of GDP, the city’s GDP broke through the 300 billion mark, reaching 307.15 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 9%, 0.9 and 0.7 percentage points higher than the whole country and the whole province.Industrial investment and technological innovation investment ranked first and second in the province, respectively. The city’s market players (703,000) and newly registered market players (105,000) both ranked second in the province.Total grain output has exceeded 10 billion jin for 8 consecutive years, ranking the first in the province.Obviously, such a achievement can not be separated from the efforts of entrepreneurs.In the “Fuyang entrepreneurs Day” symposium, Sun Zhengdong, secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Party Committee, clearly and sincerely expressed his gratitude to all kinds of enterprises in the city for their contributions to the economic and social development of Fuyang.It is thanks to all kinds of enterprises competing bloom, fuyang’s good momentum of economic and social development can continue to maintain, and constantly strive for progress!Fuyang’s ambitions have been bolstered by its rising strength.Fuyang banner clearly put forward, yong when the revitalization of northern Anhui vanguard!We should not only be ambitious, but also take practical actions.February 8, the year of the Tiger Spring to work the second day, Fuyang dingge held the city’s “double recruitment double citation” and economic situation analysis and dispatching meeting.Fuyang municipal party secretary Sun Zhengdong issued mobilization order – in the city’s implementation of “than ability, than service, than performance” competition system, in order to drive all levels of departments and the majority of party members to enhance ability, improve the work style, optimize the business environment, dry out work performance, the formation of a strong atmosphere than learning to catch up and punish the good.Fuyang Saturday Conference.On February 12, the first Saturday after the Spring Festival, Liu Yujie, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Fuyang, hosted the “Saturday Meeting” on the guarantee of key project elements in 2022.For included in provincial, municipal key projects investment plans and fuyang city construction plan of the project, the central budget for investment and special bonds of local government projects, to the provincial level coordination “double double guide” major projects, and other prominent problems in the process of construction to promote key projects, fuyang will settled through “consultation” on Saturday mechanism study.Go forward, though far will reach.At present, fuyang’s passion for development has been ignited, and the motivation for work has been mobilized. The atmosphere of striving for advancement and catching up and leapfrogging is increasingly strong.Fuyang people are seizing the day and working hard to create a better future with the momentum of “one person, one person and ten people”.Source: Talk about the current situation fuyang political energy studio author: Ren Bingwen