Ministry of Public Security: Forgery and alteration of nucleic acid testing certificates will be dealt with according to the specific circumstances

2022-05-25 0 By

On the afternoon of January 27th, the Ministry of Public Security held a regular press conference, informing the public security organs to make every effort to create a safe, stable and harmonious political and social environment for the people to celebrate the Spring Festival and successfully hold the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.Spring Festival travel busy, safe rest assured.Arriving home safely and returning smoothly is the ardent expectation of the people.The Ministry of Public Security set up a special team in advance to analyze the situation and held a national video conference to mobilize and deploy the situation, requiring public security organs at all levels to strengthen their duties and responsibilities, forge ahead with determination, and wholeheartedly serve people’s safe and smooth travel during the Spring Festival travel rush.To ensure the safety and smooth flow of road traffic: first, multi-factors to defuse risks and hidden dangers.Second, we will strengthen all-around maintenance of traffic order.Third, we will provide targeted travel services.In ensuring railway transport safety: first, strengthen emergency handling.Second, we deepened crackdown on public order.Third, we will do our utmost to maintain order.First, strengthen prevention and control in key areas.Second, strict safety inspection.Third, strengthen in-flight security.It should be reminded that some passengers are too eager to take a bus or flight to take a nucleic acid test, so they try to take a bus or flight by forging or altering nucleic acid test certificates. This will not only pose a threat to themselves and the people around them, but also greatly affect the overall epidemic prevention and control work.The public security organ shall deal with those who forge or alter nucleic acid testing certificates according to the specific circumstances.Before you travel during the holidays, you should know the epidemic prevention and control policies of the destination in advance, take health monitoring and nucleic acid test in advance, and take a real and valid nucleic acid test certificate by car or plane to avoid delay of the trip.When visiting relatives and friends, take good personal protection and avoid gathering together to minimize the risk of the spread of the epidemic.The Spring Festival is not only the peak period of supply and consumption and the flow of people and goods, but also the peak period of crimes such as producing and selling shoddy goods.