Wuchang open land “cloud” to promote quality resources together appearance

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Wuhan, April 8 (CNR.CN) — On April 8, “Planning Wuchang 2025 — Cloud Recommendation of Core Plot of Wuchang Key Functional Area and Urban Renewal and Development Forum” was held in the Government Hall of Wuchang District.This investment promotion activity is sponsored by the CPC Wuchang District Committee and the People’s Government of Wuchang District, and undertaken by the Bureau of Commerce of Wuchang District.At the scene of the event, the relevant person in charge of Wuchang District government briefly introduced the development achievements of Wuchang district in recent years and the key work of this year to the participants, and issued an investment invitation to the participants.The meeting also held the opening ceremony of “Wuchang District Headquarters Economic Alliance”.In the promotion session, relevant persons in charge of Wuchang Binjiang Business District and Ancient City Center changed into “anchors” and introduced in detail the regional investment environment, business environment, construction and development of industrial functional areas and carrier resources.In the form of live broadcast, the function positioning of these two areas and the details of high-quality plots were introduced to the participants.According to the introduction, these plots enjoy perfect transportation, business, education, medical and other high-quality supporting facilities, with high market value and development potential, to meet the needs of investors.The forum attracted more than 60 influential enterprises, such as Hubei MediATEK Investment, JINGdong Group, Ruian Construction and DTZ, to participate in the online forum actively, and many enterprises showed great interest and investment willingness to key plots in Wuchang District.According to understand, day of the event, the organizers also launched a webcast, core block at the center of the wuchang riverside business district, the ancient city of promotion as the theme, invite the relevant person in charge of the city to participate in the interview type webcast, “cloud” to promote two core functions, detonated investment hot spots, caused the social from all walks of life, more than 500000 Internet users watch the activity,The number of weibo topics read reached 3 million.”Online ‘take goods’ regional resources, through a comprehensive and in-depth online network promotion, fully demonstrated the city value of Wuchang, but also for enterprises to invest in land to provide sufficient resources and information.”Wuchang District Business Bureau related person in charge of the introduction, the promotion of this activity is to let many well-known enterprises more in-depth understanding of Wuchang, attract more businessmen at home and abroad to invest in this business, jointly write a new chapter of prosperity wuchang, played a new music of happy life.This seminar was going to be the relevant person in charge of wuchang district, said the new starting point, continue to deepen the pattern of “big China merchants”, with more open attitude, more superior conditions, and thoughtful service, strive to create high-quality business environment, proactive, many investment activities, to accelerate the development of investment and value of outstanding quality plot, meet the needs of all kinds enterprise development and management,We will help accelerate the formation of a new development pattern and promote high-quality regional development.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com