Australian students are banned from entering this state indefinitely!Blow up the debate!Australian universities lash out at the government

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Students from Australia are being banned indefinitely from entering the state today because of a mining crackdown in Western Australia?On February 1st Mark McGowan made another big change to Western Australia’s border rules, which will prevent international students from entering the state if they do not arrive by midnight on Friday (yesterday).Unlike the rest of Australia, international students cannot fly directly to Perth and must transit through other states.The West Australian government has now told educational institutions that students who arrive in Australia before 12am on Saturday will only be allowed into the state.In addition, international students arriving before the 5 February deadline must be fully vaccinated and must self-isolate for 14 days at a suitable site within 200 km of their point of entry and be tested on the first and 12th days of isolation.McGowan announced on 20 January that international students would not be able to return due to the Omicron outbreak in Australia.Five days later, he reversed himself, welcoming fully vaccinated international students to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.But the governor then announced a Feb. 5 deadline, causing more confusion.The governor of Western Australia has repeatedly changed the decision, and western Australia mining patients may have a lot to do with.About 80 workers at BHP’s Yandi iron mine were quarantined after being identified as contacts of a rail contractor who tested positive.Fourteen close contacts and 65 temporary contacts are being tested in their quarantined rooms.This is the first case in a WA mine since the pandemic began in 2020.Last week, the contractor returned a negative rapid antigen test before flying to the site in the northern part of the state.However, the contractor became unwell on Sunday and subsequently returned positive PCR test results.BHP confirmed on Monday that a colleague of the worker had also tested positive.They have not reported any symptoms and remain in isolation.”Contact tracing and deep cleaning at the site continues, and other close and casual contacts remain isolated as a precaution.”For the above, Curtin University is very confused!Curtin University recently criticised the WA government’s policies.The Curtin Students’ Association said some students had paid their tuition fees but were unable to return to Australia, opting instead for online courses.Sofia Gonzalez Torres, president of Curtin International Student Council, said that even though many regular courses can be completed online, for international students who need internships to complete their studies, not being able to return means they cannot graduate.”The last two years have been really tough for international students in WA, paying between three and seven times more than local students, only to study online at home and suffer from jet lag.”It is understood that the wa government’s policy on foreign students has changed three times in 10 days.This capricious attitude also leaves many unhappy.David Templeman, WA’s minister for international education, said the new rules meant only those students already in Australia could return to university.That compares with 7,000 students who returned in the last week of January.And those students are almost all from eastern states.I wonder if the Government of Western Australia will adjust its policy and listen to people’s voices.Alan Joyce, chief executive of Qantas, sensationally claimed that with its hard border closed, Western Australia was starting to look like North Korea.Wa had tighter border restrictions during the pandemic than any other state.Late last month, Governor Mark McGowan announced that he would not open the border on Feb. 5 as promised, but would reopen it sometime in the middle of the year, by which time the state had already provided booster shots to 80 percent of its eligible population.The continued hard border has been devastating to many industries, especially tourism and aviation.Joyce called for a plan to reopen the border, even comparing McGowan’s state to North Korea.”You can’t even travel in your own country, and it starts to look like North Korea.””We think we need to have an open border date.””We should all be a bit angry about this, we should all be Australians.”Joyce said the border closure had severely affected tourism and he did not understand the logic.”It’s very chaotic for a lot of people, very difficult for a lot of people.””We should continue to live with Covid as we do today in the eastern states, and the fact that we can travel to London but we can’t travel to Perth, if that happens, I think there are fundamental problems.”Before the pandemic, one of Qantas’s most popular international flights was a direct Perth-London service.