Dota2- champion club TSpirit going back to Wings?Water friend: This is too embarrassing

2022-05-26 0 By

Hello, this is Zwj, captain Dragonfly.Wings’ decision to open a LEAGUE of Legends division was partly to blame for the collapse of the champion team, and TSpirit, which made a surprise debut on TI10, seems to be following in the footsteps of Wings.The opening of an LOL branch seems to be a done deal, with TSpirit even directly announcing the roster of LOL branch members: DreamPull, Griffon, Mytant, Diamondprox, Edward.Like DOTA2, this Russian team based in CIS is not really an “all-russian team”. Can they create the same kind of magic in LOL?Are there any heroes in LOL who can bounce like mammoths?Wings, the last champion club to open an LOL division, will be the first club that many players will think of when they hear about TSpirit’s opening of an LOL division.Therefore, after hearing this, many players also joked in the forum: “When the good two fight the evil two, directly forward to the shameless teammate!”Wings was divided into two groups, with Faith_bian and Y being faithless, and Iceice being faithless. Shadow, a neutral Carry player, is now gone. If TSpirit can copy Wings perfectly, we’ll have to say “YATORO”!YATORO is the one who made a fool of his teammates in the first half of TI10, and defeated a rival player who was almost unbeatable before.However, what most players think of is the madman who played LEAGUE of Legends or even said “LEAGUE of Legends is the worst game in the world” in his interview video.TSpirit DOTA2 branch player YATORO just opened the LOL team, this club set up a LOL branch, it is a fantastic show, I don’t know how YATORO will feel at this moment, and I don’t know how YATORO will face when he meets his teammates from LOL branch.So what do you think about that?What do you think TSpirit will do with the LOL branch?Do you think YATORO was embarrassed?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section, and be sure to click “like” to support a wave.Game # #