Life’s path: Small mistakes in past lives

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“Ghost domain, huangquan river, from now on there will be no ghosts stay, are passers-by”.Meng Po siheyuan, full head of silver dancing with the wind, said to the end of meng Po’s voice is very small and heavy, obvious trembling sound seems to tell the world, thousands of years of burden down today.Meng Po turned back, slightly looked at me, with a non ghost is very strange and tender eyes looked at me.Slowly, slowly, Meng Po head of silver slowly black, wrinkles on the face slowly disappear, slowly, slowly, a real beauty show in front of me, eye curtain also gradually have a luster, with the face is exaggerated, as if to see a long time not seen lover.No, look at me, see lover, do I have anything to do with?”Yes.”Meng Po’s mind reading easy art is too severe, I can read a thinking, I in front of her not a piece of white paper.Meng Po interrupted my thoughts, gentle way: “I this is the heart of spring reverberated, small mistake”, “no, Chen Shimei, your last life called Chen Shimei”.”Chen Shimei”?I really can not accept the words of Meng Po, oneself how became ten thousand people spurned Chen Shimei?Will be excited to interrupt the words of Meng Po.”You don’t talk, ghost domain, huangquan, inch step did not leave, don’t I still don’t know”.Meng Po paused, then paused, then paused.”Ghost domain oath, today I meng Po spring echoed, willing to use my millennium road to make up for my hope lang”.”I am your beau”?”I am your hope lang, make up for, what’s going on”?”Pan Lang, do you know?You are the only one for thousands of years to let me move the heart of the man, you are guilty in the world, I do not care, do not tube, I only know, at that time for you I almost abandoned the road, but in the ghost domain to retain you for thousands of years, you are not on my heart “.Meng Po said here, gentle eyes not, a little resentment flash.”I am wrong, I correct”, “this is you in the ghost domain thousand years said the only word” “ghost domain thousand years, you do not change a language, eight two yellow soup curse you reincarnation, this is to want to destroy you a world line, but you actually in the world pretend” small mistake “, wrong wrong right.”You are where god, I use a thousand years to save your heart, eight two thousand years no one, you can get positive.””Goo goo, goo goo, goo goo.””Little dream, don’t suffer, or I will tell you.”The voice of zhou ancestor came out from my body.”Yu Emperor sleep, town yu eight character for the universe to wake up, with the force of eight character break through the nodular boundary, respectively reincarnated heaven and earth ghost domain starry sky, you suffered”.”Goo goo, goo goo, goo goo.”Sanzu’s cooing sounds seem to be in response.”You eight characters are heaven, we these ancestors are also by their own curse, they can not speak, and ALTHOUGH I can talk, but by the people of the” short-lived myna “curse, one hundred years awake, one thousand years of sleep ah, heaven and earth chaos, benevolent waste ah”.The voice of ancestor of my week home, as if at a draught also old a lot of, all be in deep yearning, and my small mistake however be eight two yellow soup fan of still do not know what they say now is which one go out, in my head have the road of this present life to fix only, other blank ah!Is it painful to know the pain?Or the pain of ignorance?I zhou Zhaoming by the BOOK of Changes, tao Te Ching, Huangdi Neijing, Oracle bone script, heaven and earth, left and right, but also by the past life involved, but also to accept the inverse love of relatives, but also…Pain……Life goes on.”Well, don’t be sad, for the historical mission, in order to maintain yuting, Zhou Zhaoming you have to continue to repair your [wrong] way, until find the eight characters, break your yellow soup curse, restore the real body, we save yuting”.As Soon as Zhou Lao Zu said this, Shi ran over and shouted, They want to drive me away. I’m not going anywhere.It seems that ZHOU Zhaoming has some voice, at this time, although there is no original memory, but the tao of this world ah.”Dream” “kill”, “you two words listen to, you should have some memory, I Zhou Zhaoming with my present life of the way to wake you, please return to your position, together to find the other five words”.”Let go of your obsession, go into the stupa and practice.”After a burst of colorful light, Dream and Kill left.I, also have to continue to do not know the past life to pursue other “five characters”, continue to cultivate my [wrong] way.Since ancient times, no one is wrong in life. If you know your mistake, you will get the right result. If you read it wrong, you will realize it late.