Marbury is in trouble, last season or will be repeated, foreign aid choice pit miserably North control

2022-05-26 0 By

After the arrival of Stephon Marbury, The North Control men’s basketball team started to buy buy buy mode, they introduced a lot of players, but the performance improvement is not very obvious.In fact, there are some problems in the recruitment of North Control. They like inside players so much that they introduced Yu Changdong, Sun Tonglin, Zou Yuchen and Sun Siyao, and also selected Wang Shaojie in the draft. The team has too many inside players, but now their front line is in a situation of no one to use.North control lineup is very unreasonable, no one knows Marbury’s idea of signing.Marbury recently in trouble, so to speak, they are currently ranked 11th, record was 14-14 negative, ranking of xinjiang is 12-16, 13 14th place of tianjin is November 17, they are all have the opportunity to go to the playoffs, in contrast, BeiKong, core defender liao ning three injured, now BeiKong this season in order to develop foreign aid, he didn’t even find defenderMarbury put a lot of faith in landsburg, the no. 3 pick, but he’s already out for the season after breaking two facial bones in the final race of the second period.In the following games, North Control will have to face the situation of no. 1 core. Zhang Fan has made great progress this season, but he is the no. 2 player, even if he plays no. 1, the effect will not be particularly good.Beikong’s next five rivals are Shenzhen, Fujian, Shougang, Guangdong and Tianjin.These three, including shenzhen, shougang and guangdong doing well this season, is the first eight teams, BeiKong under the condition of the lack of right-back basic it is difficult to beat them, as for fujian and tianjin, fujian has no hope the playoffs this season, but they will never drain, fujian’s foreign aid Gao Dengben season is very bright eye,He’s averaging 41 points, 10.9 assists and 6 rebounds per game, and he’s going to do everything he can to get other teams interested in him next season.The game against Tianjin is definitely not good to play, after all, Tianjin still has the possibility of playoff impact, the game against North Control is very crucial, who can win is really uncertain.In the last round of the last season, Guangzhou men’s basketball team won and finished the comeback at the last moment, and The North Kong Basketball Team failed to enter the playoffs. In fact, the north Kong basketball team had many chances last season, but they really failed to live up to their goals.It looks like a repeat of last season is very possible now, thanks to a win over Xinjiang in the regular season, which would have to beat Beikong by one game to make the playoffs.Now Marbury’s first task is to keep the team in the playoffs, when he first coached north Control, the management can say that they trust him, the recruitment and coaching staff is Marbury’s call, but now Marbury’s power has been somewhat limited.This season marbury’s foreign aid selection is still there are some errors, in the case of team insider has very bloated, he chose the haas and more petrovic two foreign aid inside of BeiKong inside there were too many people now, and must choose lenzi’s no problem, after all BeiKong strike strength is weak, but marbury should choose another defender foreign aid,Liao sanning is not weak, but he is after all a first-year player, not rich in experience, and like now there is an injury situation, direct no one available, Marbury’s introduction of the absolute pit miserable North Control.