My mother-in-law didn’t allow my sister-in-law to spend the Spring Festival at home, so she took out her anger on me and broke up my marriage

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The relationship between sister-in-law and sister-in-law is always delicate.The son – preference mother-in-law forbade her sister-in-law to spend the Spring Festival at home.The sister-in-law turned around and unleashed her anger on her sister-in-law.She broke up my brother and sister-in-law’s successful marriage.Husband’s family son preference pot also sister-in-law to carry?My name is Liu Xiangjiao (pseudonym) and my ex-husband is Zhang Ming (pseudonym).If it hadn’t been for the mess at his house, we wouldn’t have gotten divorced.Zhang Ming has a sister who is three years younger than him.Both brother and sister settled away from home after graduating from college.Before marriage, I had little contact with my in-laws.Because of the distance, it takes about four hours to drive from work to her husband’s house.After marriage, I know that his family’s idea of son preference is so serious.Originally, I thought he treated his children fairly, at least he didn’t let his sister-in-law go out to work early to support his brother.But when going back to her husband’s home to hold the wedding, only to find that things are very complicated.It turned out that our wedding room was the room my sister-in-law used to live in.Zhang Ming’s home is very big, with more than ten rooms.But now that we’re getting married, my sister-in-law won’t have her own room.After the wedding, seven aunts and eight aunts contended to give me a red envelope.Her mother-in-law took a notebook to remember the red envelopes from everyone.These red envelopes have to be returned by ourselves.The way my sister-in-law looked at me was plaintive and angry.Her mother-in-law took her aside several times, mumbling something.That night, the sister-in-law was forced to stay with relatives.I’m a new daughter-in-law, and I don’t know if there are any special customs in his family.I asked Du Ming why his sister-in-law was not living at home.My mother-in-law rushed to answer me that after my brother got married, my sister could not live at home.My sister-in-law will be angry when she sees her sister-in-law.This is her home, I said quickly.I’m just here for the wedding, and she can’t live out just because we’re married.No matter what I say, my mother-in-law won’t let my sister-in-law come back.I called her. She didn’t answer.I sent wechat, she did not reply to me.Her brother got married and she didn’t have a home anymore.Sometimes WHEN I think about it, not everyone wants the best for me.I was an only child, and I was provided with a house and a car.A small apartment so we can live alone after marriage.A car, so THAT I do not have to commute wind and rain.The in-laws feel that the bride’s family prepared so much that they are embarrassed not to buy a house.They borrowed money from all over the place and got together a big house for our wedding.There was no money to decorate the big house.In order to pay off the foreign debt early, Zhang Ming took almost all his money back to his hometown.In addition to buying a house outside, my mother-in-law also borrowed money in my name to renovate the old house.Everyone knows I’m a picky daughter-in-law, thanks to my mother-in-law’s hype.There must be an apartment in the city, and the old home must be renovated.Because we don’t live together, many things I realize are not so easy.In the first year of our marriage, my in-laws asked us to go back for the Spring Festival.Zhang Ming promised me that he would never let me do all the housework by myself.The result is no less housework, but also involved in the mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s drama.The mother-in-law said, my sister-in-law at home for the Spring Festival will make me angry, she hurriedly sent back.She rented a car and just took off.From beginning to end, I did not say that my sister-in-law is not allowed to spend the Spring Festival at home.My daughter-in-law is an outsider. I don’t know why my mother-in-law does such things in my name.My sister-in-law left crying, and my mother-in-law cried in the kitchen alone for a long time.Father-in-law and Zhang Ming are busy watching TV as if nothing happened.I had a hard time that year.My in-laws secretly said I was too fierce.I got my sister-in-law kicked out, and we’re in debt.It’s all about giving my daughter-in-law what she wants.I don’t know those people at all.He didn’t even talk.They didn’t know who I was either, but from her mother-in-law’s mouth and tears, they made up a domineering and selfish daughter-in-law.After coming back from my hometown, my sister-in-law officially began to attack me.She took all the family rage out on me.Zhang Ming has an ex-girlfriend.Because the family condition is not very good, two people have already arrived to talk about marriage to marry that step, or by the in-laws to stop.My sister-in-law deliberately dragged my ex-girlfriend to my house for dinner to disgust me.Yes, it’s my dowry again!I didn’t know their relationship, and I treated them warmly.I tried to make it up to my sister-in-law, but I fed him to the Wolf.After my sister-in-law and ex-girlfriend left, Zhang mingcai told me the truth.I feel like I’m eating a fly.I used to have a good relationship with Zhang Ming.He has been living in my house because he can’t afford to renovate it.But sister-in-law is his own sister, blood is thicker than water affection.Back home, he didn’t show anything.Leaving his hometown, he kept calling his sister-in-law to apologize.According to custom, he said, daughters simply cannot celebrate the New Year at their parents’ home.I said, “Why can’t your sister go home?”And custom is dead, people are alive, why can’t change.I hate Zhang Ming speechless.He felt he had wronged his sister.As long as he’s away from home, he’s a good brother.A lot of things, I didn’t fight because I felt sorry for her.But my sister-in-law kept making little moves.On a rainy day, my sister-in-law deliberately asked Zhang Ming to pick her up after work.I called him first, but he had to pick up his sister first.I really regret being lazy and not driving to work.As a result, he picked up his ex-girlfriend after receiving his sister-in-law.The three of them happily ate a hot pot meal, full of food and drink before they remembered that I was still waiting for him in the company.Zhang Ming gave himself an excuse that the car was broken.But hot pot had flavor, and the thick smell of butter wafted through the car.He bought it himself, and there was lipstick on the passenger seat that another woman had deliberately left behind.I confronted him when I got home, and he denied it.Finally, his sister-in-law posted on wechat moments to prove his cool.Zhang Ming’s face alternated between red and white.That night I gave him the choice of continuing to make me sick with his sister-in-law.Or divorce.Zhang Ming chose me without hesitation.I later learned that he only chose me because he didn’t want to give up my house.There is a ready-made house to live, who is also anxious to decorate.Zhang Ming promised me that from now on he would not be led around by his sister-in-law.But the reality is brutal.My sister-in-law often shares afternoon tea in her moments.Those red envelopes were given to her by Zhang Ming.You can enjoy tea with your ex-girlfriend.Zhang Ming was apparently unaware of all this.My sister-in-law sent me the chat logs on purpose.These two women spend the weekend, at my husband’s expense, doing things against me.It wasn’t much money, but it always made me feel bad.Zhang Ming also thought I was narrow-minded and intolerant.He said he was just trying to make it up to his sister.My ex-girlfriend is just a good friend of my sister, so don’t take it personally.Zhang Ming’s indifferent attitude reassured her sister-in-law.Even though I deleted my sister-in-law from wechat, she still managed to show up with her ex-girlfriend.I can’t change a lot of things.After we got married, my sister-in-law was disliked by her son – favoring parents.They did a lot of things to break her heart.But she shouldn’t be on me either.Zhang Ming is a filial son and does everything his parents say.He was sensible and wise before marriage.After marriage, his mind seemed to go back to ancient times.I communicated with him many times.Why did my sister-in-law deliberately disgust me? She just took her anger out on me.I’ll ask Zhang Ming to talk to his in-laws.Don’t put the idea of boys over girls play so thoroughly, I don’t want my sister-in-law to be ignored by their parents, hurt.Result in-laws turned around to scold sister-in-law!Zhang Ming himself has not suffered such grievance.He insisted the in-laws were right and told me not to be aggressive.I’m giving him time to change, and if he and his family keep using me as an excuse to do this, then we’ll get a divorce.It’s family stuff that kills a relationship.My sister-in-law used my ex-girlfriend to drive us further and further apart.The two of them go out together every now and then to disgust me.Zhang Ming was busy paying off all kinds of debts and felt it was wrong to get married.’If I didn’t get married, I wouldn’t be drowning my family in debt,’ he said.Sister-in-law and his whole life are brother and sister, do not have to leave in the New Year sad.If you can, who want to choose divorce this road, we had really loved.My sister-in-law always says why my parents are so good and I can have my own house and car.She doesn’t even have a room of her own.The jealousy of women is terrible.I’m not responsible for her in-laws’ injustice.But I have to take the fall for it.How I longed for Zhang Ming to change.But he did nothing.Not only zhang Ming inaction, mother-in-law is a good gossiping hand.Although the mother-in-law does not allow the sister-in-law to go back, but will go to the rental house to see her.Mother and daughter cook and go shopping together.I am the meanest sister-in-law in my sister-in-law’s circle of friends.Forcing her parents to struggle at their age.I didn’t ask them to do any of that, but I got all the blame.On the one hand, the mother-in-law said her daughter was an outsider, and on the other hand, she did something that moved her sister-in-law.Ginger or old hot, all unfair things to me this daughter-in-law.Sister-in-law sad a few days, was a mother-in-law coax, mother and daughter reconciled.It was inevitable that Zhang Ming and I would divorce.As long as she has a sister-in-law, she ties up her ex-girlfriend.It is impossible for Zhang Ming to break up with his sister.If I don’t get divorced, I’m going to have to live with paranoia for the rest of my life.During the divorce, my mother-in-law scolded my sister-in-law again.It turned out that she was playing with her ex-girlfriend, her mother-in-law knew.But my mother-in-law never cared.It was only when my sister-in-law broke up our marriage that my in-laws regretted it.They regretted losing me, their daughter-in-law, who brought her own house and car.I regret losing my parents, my in-laws, their own jobs and pensions.During my marriage, I was afraid to tell my parents a lot of things.Mom has high blood pressure. I’m afraid she can’t stand the stimulation.But mama can’t help but know what I’m thinking.My sadness and helplessness are written on the face, the whole person lost a big circle.Before marriage, my mother told me to spend more time with her in-laws before getting married.But I didn’t listen.I was busy setting the date for the trip and taking wedding photos, and choosing the furniture I liked.The only daughter was used to a carefree life, so she didn’t know that married life would be easy.After our divorce, my parents took a few days off to be with me.Dad says divorce is not something to be ashamed of.It’s better to break up early than to complain to each other.If I look back at my marriage, it’s full of failures.I can’t change my in-laws’ preference for boys, nor can I appease my sister-in-law.Zhang Ming was supposed to be the mediator of family conflicts, but he kept playing dumb and allowing several women to tear each other apart.I wouldn’t feel so bad if he’d just dealt with it head on.His own sister would not be homeless.You’ll never wake up a fool.The marriage house bought by her parents-in-law was written in their own names, but zhang Ming repaid the foreign debts and loans.I took care of most of our living expenses during our marriage.What a fool I am to raise such a man.There are a lot of things I can’t do on my own.Parting on good terms is our final gift to each other.When I received this contribution, I had a deep experience.Because have seen a lot of old lady, open mouth is to take daughter-in-law to say something.There is no denying that many daughters-in-law and sisters-in-law do not get along well.But you can’t give it to all your daughters-in-law.I don’t know when I can change these old ideas.I wonder how many sisters-in-law don’t have a room of their own.Also do not know how many daughter-in-law inexplicably carry the pot.Wish all girls can have their own home.May all girls be loved by their parents.