Is the Blue Line still alive?Ranked in the top 10 of January water, the magic tower is less than 1/3 of the original god

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To say the vitality of the secondary yuan mobile game, in fact, most of the game, can only live three years time, very few have more than five years of work, to be able to accomplish this work, is the industry’s top work mostly, in the latest two yuan in January 2022 mobile game running water report, there are a few old games can be said to be a pretty of course, there are a few new games,In terms of new games, Tower of Fantasy ranked third in January with 216.76 million yuan in revenue, but more than 20 million yuan less than last month’s 16-day performance. It can be seen that Tower of Fantasy has fallen into a situation of lack of momentum.In the phantom tower above of the game, is an old game “naruto”, actually in the entire network, leading secondary yuan adapted cartoon mobile game, “naruto”, said the first no one dare say that the second, because the game the player number and circumstance of flowing water, has been leading, even if is the phantom tower this new game, nor the “naruto”,This month “naruto” directly take off, more than 2 billion water, let people once again experience, the charm of the old game!In addition to “naruto”, in 15 years online, now has 7 years of history of “blue line”, continue to be the popularity of the second yuan mobile tour, currently ranked tenth, as an old game, can continue to have competitiveness, there are 28.84 million water, is also very not easy.Secondary yuan mobile game in 2021, has experienced a more magnificent mobile game market environment, because each big game makers have to secondary yuan mobile game, of course, there are many small game makers, is of great interest to secondary yuan game, and made a good small and essence of the game, which represented by the front of zero.The biggest highlight of the game is hundreds of characters standing drawing composed of the war Ji army, hundreds of beauty composed of the “harem” army, just think of people excited!So back to the game itself, “front of zero” in addition to have a very good sister, also is in front of zero, the game is set more strategic, mutual restraint between the five camps, let PVP has a lot of fun, such as single side alone, can’t fight with other players, their squad is tie-in, need to constantly fusionIn this way, when facing a powerful opponent, we can complete the victory of the battle!But for xiaobian personally, the biggest fun of this game, is not something else, is more beautiful sister, from girls to royal sister, these beautiful girls to join, let the whole game world is full of pink breath, for me this old SP, this is a biggest benefit!