MAO Wenlong: can be called Ming dynasty guerrilla master, the most headache of later Jin’s opponent!

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After the Salhu War, the Ming army and the Later Jin army fought each other. The Ming army was basically defeated and lost a large area of territory in liaodong. The Ming army could only stay in the ningjin defensive line.In fact, there were times when the Ming Army won, and the man who brought victory from time to time was MAO Wenlong, who was ignored by everyone.MAO Wenlong’s early experience MAO Wenlong’s official position in Liaodong was not very high, just dongjiang general army, but this man played a very important role, it can be said that with him, the main force of the later Jin army could not go south at all.So why does he have so much power?This starts with MAO Wenlong.MAO Wenlong in his early years as a garrison in Fort Aiyang, because he refused to kill a person to report a merit, so he has not been promoted.At that time, frontier generals had to kill the enemy if they wanted to be promoted and perform meritorious service. However, most of the time, fighting was a skill job, but also a lucky job. There were not so many enemies, or when the enemy was tough enough to fight, what should they do?So it’s not uncommon to kill a good man.MAO Wenlong was so conscientious that he never did this, and had it not been for the rise of later Jin, he would have retired from his post at Fort Aigyang and gone home to die.By the spring of 1621, the Later Jin had captured most of Eastern Liaoning. More than 100 of MAO Wenlong’s relatives in Anshan were killed by the Later Jin army.MAO Wenlong was filled with righteous indignation and determined to avenge his family by killing the enemy.At that time, Wang Huazhen, governor of Liaodong, wanted to recruit a group of warriors to fight guerrilla warfare in manchuria. MAO Wenlong volunteered himself and was granted the position of guerrilla training by the Ming Court.In that year, MAO Wenlong led 197 dead soldiers to set out, went deep behind the enemy lines, recovered more than 2,000 miles of coastal islands in southern Liaoning, and captured hu Kebin, the garrison commander of the Later Jin Island.In July 14 to Zhenjiang, the rate of one hundred people launched a night attack, captured the later Jin qi Tong Yang is also true, and then sent troops sneak attack shuangshan, won a guerrilla general after jin, known as zhenjiang victory, Liaoyang people meal pulping MAO Wenlong less than hundreds of thousands.When MAO Wenlong recovered liaonan at the end of Ming Dynasty, The Ming Dynasty is always so weird, when there are good generals, there are always pig teammates.At that time, Taolangxian, governor of Denlai, not only embezzled the military salary allocated to MAO Wenlong by the imperial court, but also took in a spy of Later Jin, which resulted in MAO Wenlong receiving no assistance from the imperial court.After MAO Wenlong captured Zhenjiang, Later Jin attached great importance to it and sent Huangtaiji and Amin, two of the four Great Bales, to lead 5,000 elite troops to attack Zhenjiang.MAO Wenlong at this time also one or two hundred people, carrying residents into Korea, Huang Taiji and amin with thousands of elite in-depth into The Territory of Korea, the MAO Wenlong department was encircled and suppressed, the results of thousands of people in Huang Taiji and amin under the leadership of such top generals, leng did not wipe out MAO Wenlong more than 200 people.In the third year of the Apocalypse, After MAO Wenlong got the information that Jin was going to attack Ming Dynasty in the south, MAO Wenlong divided his troops into four routes to attack Later Jin. He personally led 8000 elite troops to attack from Zhenjiang. For a time, the territory of Later Jin was engulfed with smoke, and later Jin had to give up going south.On June 16 of that year, MAO Wenlong’s general Zhang Pan landed on Mayang Island and accepted the refugees, receiving a total of more than 4,000 refugees.Many of these refugees followed MAO Wenlong, and MAO Wenlong’s strength increased.By the second day of July, MAO Wenlong led his army to capture Jinzhou, and then recovered lushun fortress, Wanghai Fort and Hongzui Fort at the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, occupying more than 100 li of land in southern Liaoning.In October of that year, MAO Wenlong ordered Zhang Pan to attack Fuzhou. At that time, the troops of the Later Jin army attacked the people around Fuzhou wantonly and looted the people. Zhang Pan fully mobilized the people and took advantage of the hatred of the troops of the Later Jin army to attack Fuzhou at night and defeated the latter Jin army.Four years after the Apocalypse, on the third day of the first month in 1624, The Later Jin army took advantage of the sea ice to attack Lushun with more than ten thousand cavalry. Zhang Pan stood firm and refused to surrender. At the end of the war, the later Jin army sent a messenger to call for surrender.In the fifth year of the Emperor’s reign, MAO wenlong’s boss, the amateur military governor Wu Zhiwang of Denglai, told him to open a canal at Nanguan between Lvshun and Jinzhou. In a moment of confusion, the military department approved the plan.Zhang Pan and his subordinate dare not disobey orders, had to be ordered to construction, the results of information disclosure, Zhang Pan was besieged by the gold army heroic sacrifice.In this way, the later Jin army took the opportunity to seize the cities of southern Liaoning.And health experts wu wang at this time while the jin army and MAO Wenlong’s Dongjiang army fighting, troops stationed in Lushun.When winter came, Wu Zhiwang withdrew his troops in fear that the Later Jin army would attack him while the sea was frozen. He told the court that if the Jin Army attacked me from the sea after winter, I would not be able to carry the attack, so I would withdraw first.At that time, King Shu of the Military Department also knew this. He said, “Lushun is a three-way battle. You said we have to defend it, but now you tell me we cannot defend it.After MAO Wenlong’s Dongjiang army attacked the Later Jin and played a prominent role, MAO Wenlong again occupied the cities in southern Liaoning after some management. MAO Wenlong also controlled the southern Liaoning until the death of MAO Wenlong, the region was again controlled.In September 1623, The third year of the Apocalypse, MAO Wenlong received a detailed report that Nurhachi was preparing to march west to attack shanhaiguan. MAO Wenlong led 30,000 troops to attack Hetuala, the former capital of Later Jin.At that time, the Later Jin had three fortresses, Donggu Village, Niumao Village and Yan Wangzhai, in the mountains of Hetuala, with deep trenches and high barricades, which were easy to defend and difficult to attack. Hetuala was the foundation of the establishment of the Later Jin.On September 13, MAO Wenlong captured Donggu Village. On September 16, MAO Wenlong captured Niumao village and Yan Wangzhai and wiped out all the later Jin garrison.On the 17th, the later Jin army launched a counter-attack, and MAO Wenlong set an ambush for reinforcements and won a complete victory.Nurhaci a look like this home will be copied, they directly gave up the west, true affinity main force to save.MAO Wenlong saw that Nurhaci would fight for his life. After winning a strategic victory, MAO Wenlong retreated directly instead of fighting nurhaci’s main forces.Nurhaci could do nothing about it.According to the records of the Ming Dynasty, 726 people were beheaded, 14 barbarians were captured alive and 5 barbarians were women.Although the Ming army recorded merit at the head level, the actual number of defeated enemies was often far more than the first level.We can also imagine in a battlefield, you put down an enemy, before you can cut off their head, another enemy rushed up to fight you.And the Ming dynasty also decreed that those who were shot by arrows, killed by guns, etc. were not considered heads, especially those who were killed by shelling.So the number of beheadings in the first World War may have been low, but the actual number of deaths was much higher.For example, in the famous Battle of Ningyuan City, Ming army actually beheaded 269 people. In the Great Victory of Ningjin, there were very few beheaded soldiers, and most of the latter Jin army were killed by heavy shelling.After the battle of Ningyuan City, the Jin army suffered at least 5,000 casualties, so MAO Wenlong’s gains were especially rare.In this way, MAO Wenlong PI Island as the base camp, the Dongjiang army gradually became a strong fortress behind the enemy, so that after the march did not dare to launch a large-scale attack on the Hinterland of the Ming Dynasty, even if there is action also had to quickly withdraw.For example, nurhachi attacked Ningyuan in the first month of the sixth year of the Reign of Emperor Tianqi, while MAO Wenlong sent his generals to attack Haizhou and advance directly into Shenyang.In this way, Nurhachi would make a big move against the Ming Dynasty, and MAO Wenlong would copy his hometown.Nurhaci was so exhausted by MAO Wenlong that he failed to remove the nail until his death.Therefore, MAO Wenlong can be said to be the god of guerrilla warfare in The Ming Dynasty.Because of him and his Dongjiang army, the power of later Jin was always confined to the liaodong region.