Volunteer service promotes civilization construction and increases people’s happiness

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Rednet (moment changsha on February 10, the correspondent Zhu Duan wu In changsha furong district horse PoLing Zhao Jiaxin) during the Spring Festival, the streets continues to carry bright “civilized practice 365” volunteer service projects, the volunteers to lei feng as the main body, long-term normal to carry out the volunteer service operation mechanism, promote the practice of the new era of civilization (station) construction, promote civilization “earthy” culture “practice activity,Continue to release vitality, expressiveness and creativity.Spring condolences to send blessings thick care show the truth and bleak feeling warm, to make the district residents can feel the warmth and care of the government, have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the horse PoLing street group villages (communities) Spring Festival walk grassroots sympathy activities, will solatium and meters, oil and other caffeine arts into the hands of the needy, a total of sympathy more than 20 people.In each household, the staff asked them about their life, health and practical difficulties, carefully checked whether it was safe to use electricity, fire and gas for heating, and told them about fire prevention, carbon monoxide poisoning and epidemic prevention and control.”The Party and the government always care about our family’s difficulties, and you will come to help us when there is any trouble. Thank you very much.”An old man in difficulty was moved.”Welcome the Spring Festival, write Spring Festival couplets, paste paper-cuts” is a traditional Custom of the Spring Festival, Mapuling subdistrict Xilong village New Era civilization practice station and Anziling community new Era civilization practice station respectively carry out “write Spring Festival couplets” and “cut window” to advocate incorruption.In the activity of writing Spring Festival couplets, the children, under the guidance of their teachers, put pen and ink, spread out rice paper, dip it in ink, and put their dreams and wishes for a better life into the pen.”Spring breeze into xi wealth into the household, the years of renewal fu man” “Clean and clean wind people for this, Yuxi water che month for the soul”…At the scene of window paper cutting activity, under the guidance of the teacher, the children took their own paper-cut works and flexibly turned the scissors between the papers. In a short time, the paper-cut works with different shapes were cut.After the activity, volunteers and children will these Spring Festival couplets, window cuts to residents home, Grandma Liu took over the Spring Festival couplets happily said: “my family has the habit of sticking Spring Festival couplets every year, this year early received children sent warm Spring Festival couplets, especially happy.I will post Spring Festival couplets on the door to share the blessings and warmth with everyone.”Ma Poling Street Xin ‘an Community new era civilization practice station, together with community party members, Xiangyi Furong no. 2 students of class 2109, in the district hui one city square to carry out the “big hand in hand” garbage classification theme activities.During the activity, Lei Feng volunteers explained the importance of household garbage classification to the residents and distinguished kitchen waste, other garbage, harmful garbage and recyclables through interactive answering methods.In view of some easily misunderstood household garbage, volunteers focus on explaining.Later, the volunteers divided into several roads and distributed the propaganda materials of garbage classification to each building in the community and stores along the street.More than 400 copies of relevant publicity materials were distributed and more than 300 people were interviewed.Li Muzhi, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Mapuling Subdistrict, said that the next step of the subdistrict will continue to deepen the standardization construction requirements of the “five” (places, teams, activities, projects and mechanisms) of the civilization practice of the new era, and strive to achieve the integration of resources in place, a sound system and mechanism, accurate service for the masses, and accurate service.With various forms, rich and colorful volunteer service activities to do practical things for the masses, truly civilized practice into the daily life of the masses.