Actor Liu Yijun takes drama too hard!Rolling over and over on the 40-degree ground, the skin burns are too realistic

2022-05-28 0 By

Recently, “the beginning” hot broadcast, well-known actor Liu Yijun a realistic blast injury special effects, I saw him lying on the ground, his face was red in the sun.It is reported that the crew was filming in Xiamen at that time. Under the scorching sun, the temperature in Xiamen was as high as 40 degrees, and the ground was more than 40 degrees, which made people admire Liu Yijun.In the video, the makeup artist gave Liu Yijun another makeup, saw Liu Yijun closed his eyes, the right side of his face with special makeup, all was the skin after the explosion was burned by the flame scars, looks very scary, because of the high temperature outside Liu Yijun sweat a lot, makeup artists said “Zi shui, inside the sweat”,Lying on the road of his sweat and glue are mixed together Liu Yijun in the studio to show the best effect after bombings, at high road constantly tumbling, wearing leather shoes banging drums; noise, on the ground while the ground very hot man but Liu Yijun still keep practicing, and handle the details.Liu yijun, who plays the righteous police officer Zhang Cheng in The Beginning, has won legions of fans for his gentle and commanding portrayal.Zhang Cheng can always detect unusual points from each other’s subtle words and actions. He is careful and wise to detect many details, and he does not hesitate to take over the scene of the explosion, which shocked countless audiences.Liu Yijun has performed in numerous classic works since his debut 22 years ago.He has starred in parents Love, Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser, but none of these dramas have made him a hit.It was not until he shot a brand advertisement with Zhou Dongyu that liu yijun made a success of the circle and won the title of “Shu Quan Tian CAI”.Liu Yijun belongs to the type of late bloomer, his explosion is not accidental but through their own constant persistence.Liu yijun has been working out for a long time to manage his figure, even though he is already in shape at 50.At the same time his acting has been honed in a series of plays, strong strength and high level of appearance who can not love it.Now Liu yijun is back in the ring with Zhang Cheng, who can roll over and over in the heat of more than 40 degrees.Only to achieve the best effect of the film, and that is one of the reasons for his success.