Are autistic children unable to improve after missing the “golden age of intervention”?

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Generally speaking, the golden intervention period for autism is before the age of 8.Among them, before the age of 3 is the golden age of language learning for children with autism.The reason for early detection and treatment is that the younger the child, the more plastic the brain.The earlier it can be detected and intervened, the better the prognosis [1].According to relevant studies [2], early intervention training can help star-children improve their life skills and improve the corresponding “disorder defects”, such as improving children’s language and reducing problematic behaviors, and helping autistic children to recover to the state of independent living and learning as much as possible.Capturing the “golden intervention” means the star-Child barrier is half the battle.But what if the “golden intervention period” is missed?Is late intervention still effective?Can the star-child barrier be improved?Two, miss the gold intervention period how to do?As parents, it is inappropriate to think that autistic children who have missed the “golden intervention period” need no further intervention, or that they will “give up treatment” after only a few months of intervention without seeing the effect.The “golden intervention period” is important, but we also need to treat it rationally.The “golden intervention period” can also be said to be a “suggested time point” for autism recovery, but this time point is not a fixed boundary.It does not mean that if the golden intervention period of Star Child is missed, there is no need for intervention and the possibility of improvement, but in the later intervention process, the recovery speed of Star Child will be slower than that of the golden period.For children with autism, whether they are in the golden intervention period or miss the golden intervention period, continuous intervention is a long-term way to benefit the star Child.Many life skills can be acquired by parents through continuous later training, and even some autistic children may eventually learn to live independently because of continuous training [3].In short, don’t give up if you miss the “golden intervention period”. Continuous intervention training is king!No matter what stage the child is in, parents should adjust their attitude and actively and continuously carry out rehabilitation intervention for star-child either at home or in intervention institutions.Three, do not “give up treatment”, intervention training “walk”!The prognosis for childhood autism depends on the severity of the disorder, the child’s intelligence level, education, and the timing and extent of treatment interventions.Under the comprehensive rehabilitation intervention training, star-child’s abilities in all directions can be improved in many aspects, which can help star-child alleviate the problems of autism disorder and promote the development of star-child [4].Therefore, once the child is diagnosed with autism, even if they miss the golden intervention period, the nursing work and training of intervention should be arranged as soon as possible!For example, in life care [5], we need to do well in: psychological care:By observing and grasping the psychological state, emotional changes and psychological needs of star children in a timely manner, and finding the things that star children are interested in, and then building a communication bridge with star children with the help of the things they are interested in, they can win the trust of star children and help them feel the care of parents, so as to improve the cooperation degree of late intervention training.Dietary nursing: Many autistic children are prone to malnutrition due to their own disorders, so ensuring the nutritional status of star-children is also one of the tasks of early nursing intervention.Maintain food for instance delicate, eat much meal less, notice protein and adipose reasonable collocation to wait.Cognitive education: make courseware or videos to help star Children understand their symptoms and give them enough encouragement to accept and learn how to deal with their problems.Nursing intervention can stabilize the mood of children, slow down the barriers to progress, but for relief of disorder symptoms and improve the lack of good effect, therefore, in addition to the nursing intervention needs to be combined with the daily training, such as: core training – response can reduce children’s core symptoms, help children establish social emotion, improve the ability of social communication;Sensory integration training can help children improve their sensory perception and motor coordination;Behavioral training – helps to improve children’s behavioral ability;Auditory integration training – helps to improve children’s auditory ability.Even if you miss the prime intervention period, don’t “give up treatment”. Intervention training “walk”!At present, many professionals believe that the problem behaviors and related disorders of autism can be improved through later intervention training.Therefore, through the above comprehensive nursing and intervention training, it can help reduce the incidence of daily behavior problems of star children in the early stage, improve cognitive ability, and promote the early rehabilitation of children.Fourth, if the intervention training for autistic children is compared to “opening a blind box”, then you will never know which will come first, tomorrow or accident, and you only need to do well today, do not have to dispute and ask.You should believe that every step you take with Star-Child is the most wonderful path in his life.I hope this article can help parents!