Hong ‘an police broke up an illegal sand mining gang

2022-05-28 0 By

One side sent people in the roadside lookout, a homemade raft stealing river sand……Recently, Hong ‘an County public Security Bureau eight bay police station after careful investigation, beat an illegal river sand mining gang, solved more than 10 cases, captured “sand rats” 3 people.In late February, baliwan police station in the “find blocking” action, found an important clue: zhuowang mountain village drainage section, someone homemade raft stealing river sand!After being informed of the situation, director Shi Chunlin immediately organized the police to closely stare at “people, boats, sand, certificate, case, money” six core elements to carry out investigation and evidence, found that a private car parked for several days at the intersection of tan-eight highway, suspicious, suspected someone watching the wind!To avoid startle, March 1 in the afternoon, auxiliary police will be people in disguise, mulling two road, all the way straight to the side of the road “nail”, the civilian vehicles driving all the way to the water river “thief”, success will keep watch Zeng Mou (male, 58, red bay town in eight people) and are new liujiawan village water river mining of river sand Liu Mouli (male, 34.Hong ‘an County baliwan town) caught on the spot.Police overnight sudden trial, follow the trail, and another gang member stone mou (male, 30 years old, Eight bay town of Hong ‘an County) captured.After investigation, from August 2021 to February 2022, Liu And Shi mou two people using homemade simple sand pumping raft, repeatedly waiting for the opportunity to the nearby pour water river illegal mining river sand a total of more than 1400, a total of more than 120,000 yuan of illegal profits.In front of a large amount of evidence, Liu And Stone on the illegal river sand mining criminal facts confessed.On March 9, the public security organs on Liu And Stone criminal detention, ceng public security processing.At present, the case is further digging in the investigation.Source: Quick news