China finally lost to Vietnam, China only 5 points, 1-3 defeat to Vietnam

2022-05-29 0 By

12 years ago, Vietnam thought their dream was to beat the Chinese men’s football team and win by a big margin.But 12 years later in the Spring Festival, we did lose to Vietnam 1-3 clean and 2 goals.Asia area 12 strong match the 8th round although in Vietnam Hanoi match, but we still full force troops, the result?Vietnam team in the current 12 strong match’s first victory really comes from the “strong team” Chinese men’s football.Vietnam team?The 12 round of the tournament all lost, can be said to be the fish bag fish bag team, we sent the strongest “trident” Luo Guofu, Wu Lei and Alan combination, even so, our national team’s defense loopholes wide open, was swept by 3-1.A lot of people say that the national football team is not lucky, in fact, from the first game, the people who should try their best are trying their best, but some people who should try their best have no dedication, weakness or deficiency in football, we have to admit that they did not milu era desperately, did not enter the world in the bloody and hard spirit.Someone said that our whole team strength is not strong, in fact, we according to the European football sports players a combination of strength calculation of data analysis, we fire and damage and Australia almost flat, more than Japan and South Korea, now has the difficulty, not only in the face of Syria 2-0 defeat of Japan national soccer team, even if Vietnam such fish can also be easing the bit in the team’s,This makes Our soccer team really hard to read for Eurosport Technologies.In fact, others say unceremoniously that the current national football team said: single is a dragon, the combination of worms;Without putting forces and parts together “cannon,” the effort to disassemble is nothing more than a bunch of parts.Listen!!Sad long ,,,,