Don’t let illness take advantage of you this holiday season. Here’s a guide to first aid for your family.

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In this “high load operation” under your body is ok?Do you know what to do if something happens?Sun Kai, deputy director of the Department of Emergency Medicine of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, was invited to answer questions online and send you a family first aid guide on February 4th.Patients with cardiovascular diseases often have these two drugs patients with cardiovascular diseases should be equipped with suxiaojiuxin pills and nitroglycerin.These two kinds of drugs can be used as coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction when the emergency drugs.When the patient is sick, nitroglycerin will be taken under the tongue, and the symptoms can be relieved after a few minutes.It should be noted that these two drugs can only relieve symptoms and cannot fundamentally treat the disease, so patients still need to seek medical treatment in time.Many people with cardiovascular disease have aspirin as a regular medication at home.Here Director Sun reminds everyone, aspirin can prevent and treat coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction.But it is not a first-aid medication.If it’s an acute myocardial infarction, it needs to be used with a doctor’s confirmation.Three hours is the optimal window for thrombolysis. Early thrombolysis is a good way to open up blood vessels in patients with heart and brain infarction.However, it should be noted that thrombolytic therapy has certain conditions of use and a strict time window should be observed.That is, the occurrence of myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction within the first 3 hours, thrombolysis can achieve the best results, no more than 6 hours.So when a patient falls ill, in addition to the first time to use emergency drugs, another thing to do is to send a doctor immediately.Should I dial 120 or drive to the hospital?Whichever takes less time should be chosen!Not all headaches can be treated with painkillers because of the high pressure of work and life. Nowadays, many people have chronic headaches and usually use some painkillers to relieve them.However, Sun cautioned that not all headaches can be treated with painkillers, such as those caused by cerebral hemorrhage. If painkillers are used, they may promote bleeding and worsen the condition. Therefore, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time for headache of unknown cause.Blood pressure is too high to see a doctor in time sphygmomanometer is now a family essential items, hypertensive patients in the holidays, diet and rest may be irregular, larger changes than usual, at this time should pay more attention to the monitoring of blood pressure.If high pressure exceeds 180mmHg or low pressure exceeds 120mmHg, attention should be paid to timely medical treatment to avoid complications.When a foreign body gets stuck in your throat, it is well known that the Heimlich method is used for first aid, but if there is no one around to help you, how can you help yourself?Can find a backrest chair, the upper abdomen continuously, forcibly impact the back of the chair, at the same time with the action of cough, until the foreign body discharge.How to deal with acute gastroenteritis During the Spring Festival, food, if improper diet caused acute gastroenteritis how to do?Can oral light saline, sugar saline supplement lost body fluids, as far as possible light liquid diet.If the diarrhea is more than 10 times a day, accompanied by severe vomiting, dry mouth, little urine and other symptoms, dehydration or electrolyte disorder may have occurred, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible.(Jiangsu News)