From 135 million chosen children to 18 million euro borderline players, Barcelona give up “human life”?

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With Barcelona’s rebuilding well under way and xavi’s new signings in place, it would be unrealistic to miss the exiled Coutinho, but the Brazilian has also redeemed himself in the Premier League.Since his return, he has played 174 minutes in just three games, scoring five goals. Although aston Villa’s stature does not match the standards of the big clubs at this stage, it is a lifesaver to save coutinho’s career credit.Needed and saved were complementary in value, so Coutinho was revitalised and Aston Villa promoted.The second half of the campaign is a long one and there are many uncertainties, but a good start to the season has quieted some of the fans’ initial scepticism when they were told that Aston Villa would pay 85% of the Brazilian’s wages.Now that more and more fans are turning to Coutinho, it may not be the end of a harmonious season, but in the shortest possible time to recast themselves in familiar territory, both coutinho and Aston Villa are happy.”It is typical of Coutinho, he is enjoying himself and we have given him the stage to enjoy football again.His vision and awareness, if you don’t like watching him play, you don’t watch the ball.”Gerrard, who has played alongside Coutinho before, knows the Brazilian’s strengths and although his two goals were far from the familiar “arrows through the clouds” visually, his ability to move off the ball and connect with his team-mates was a key factor in his search for scoring opportunities.While coutinho’s ability to attract double teams will still mean he’s bigger than a horse before he joins up with his teammates, he’s not quite back in the Brazilian magician’s shoes yet, but at least he’s made a turnaround, and a summer buyout isn’t far off, as coutinho is only 29 years old.Time always heals all, since euro 2018 in 135 million to join Barcelona, library, mourinho had been involved in the football out of the situation, two la liga titles, 2 king’s cup and one Spanish super cup cannot set up the image of the son of the chosen for him, but also because the team has a history of identity in the words,So much so that before coutinho’s loan move to Villa, his value in the German Market had fallen to 18 million euros.Carry something from the saviour to the burdensome, library mourinho, though, including Lionel messi, star had for his little, but it seems that he and his successor iniesta is a far cry from the image, the most highlight time but is also in Spanish national Derby 2018-19 season opener, besides, his slow and injury always take on as many headlines.Coutinho’s baggage has been suppressed, and even the outside world has ignored the fact that he was forced to play on the wing, so his statistics will be compressed and his passing vision will be limited. In this vicious circle, all explanations are pale and his loneliness will not be felt by others.Road is only library mourinho’s own choice, anything is not, inherit the blame on the public opinion is one of the most general form, after all, over hundred million euros worth deep topic cannot be excluded, formed the appearance of the monument, even if the case of the quadrature in the compasses in brazilians play, also can be carried on the dock scapegoat, and frequent change of turmoil at Barcelona,Every conversation about Coutinho seems calculated.Liverpool, for example, won the Champions League after trying to hold him back, and many fans and famous names rubbed salt in coutinho’s wounds as they basked in the glory — with cries of “better without you”, of course, sounding much more grumpy.Library moutinho fantasy of the outside world not good, only the helpless, he excluded, also save themselves, such as loan period of bayern Munich, he would return to the strength of the strong point, even more than levante, surprised by the speed of his into the system, 11 goals in 38 9 assists the data is not empty, but in won the bundesliga champions, the German cup and the champions league after the course of,The Allianz Arena has become a distant place for Coutinho to return to.It is well known that the bundesliga giants across billions of investment is very cautious, even if the library has to release the loan value, but also afraid of repeating them, and to not buy Brazilian explanation is no hidden: “library moutinho this social status and level of players, 120 million euros to buy is not worth it.”As for the vagrant growth, Coutinho had a bitter taste when he joined Inter milan in 2008, only to be forced to relive the abandoned track as he grew older, no doubt with a different taste.Coutinho, who has become a contradiction in terms, is in limbo.When he played for Bayern, he directed a massacre against Barcelona, scoring three goals alone, he raised his profile by reason, and even had the confidence to choose between Bayern and Barca, but Bayern didn’t think it was worth buying, and Barca didn’t want to take advantage of him.Coutinho, who returned to the Nou Camp with the title on his back when no one was looking for him, spoke only figuratively and politely, although he was initially motivated to win trust with goals or assists, but the meniscus injury denied him the chance to continue that trust.From Koeman to Sergi to Xavi, the change of manager is not necessarily a change of knife, the status is deteriorating, the substitute is the norm, sitting on the bench is not experience once or twice, until they confirm that they are redundant.Before his loan move to the Premier League, he had only 600 minutes of playing time, contributing only a handful of goals, and his record of 25 goals and 14 assists in 106 barca games would not fit the 135 million euro mark.Look from the cooperation effect, two la liga titles, 2 king’s cup and one Spanish super cup can’t replace his status as a winner, in the outside world view, he and Barcelona horoscope, turbulence at Barcelona, library, mourinho’s attitude, body, talent has been doubted, it probably is a fixed before cleaning process.Coutinho certainly wants more than a ball to play in, scoring three goals against Leeds united and enjoying a sense of salvation. Compared to jumping into the vortex of the Iberian Peninsula, coutinho must see himself as a landscape during the forced migration of his dreams.Even if I don’t want to talk about rebirth, I don’t want to disappoint my old teammate Steven Gerrard by saying, “It’s my job to make him feel good.”