The seventh Chapter of The Romance of Chinese Football

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At the time of elimination, how many people recall gao Hongbo’s last book and said: The Ka Ka army lost doha, it was no longer in Brazil, and the visit to Singapore was really a battle of the ribs, win or lose, has no meaning.But the card home army to the Lion City, and even wounded several members of the general, card shuai exactly how the array, has no outsiders know, ten often shi Liu said: fight for dignity;The horse will disappear for fear of being scolded!Domestic fans heartbroken, appeal is who’s responsibility?But the power of small force thin, helpless, and by others to disrupt the heart of the crime, has its own hard to protect, and people say, the national football team this defeat, are gao Shuai’s responsibility, this speech out, instantly spread throughout the country, stick it click tens of thousands, view its words, just know its meaning, think of heartache!D di three years in winter, the team’s war in Singapore, is small, but all the fans who still, the start, somehow, du wei, Zheng Zheng handsome cronies for CARDS, the rest are old Gao Shuai personnel, such as Lin gao, yu, Chen tao, Zhao Xuri, bowen huang, etc., zheng, xiang sun such Ma Suzhi generation, are not to play;Some people may say, why is Chen Tao a high shuai old general?Say this person all boast shamelessly, think in those days Chen Tao downfalls when shen Hua, gao Shuai always conscript, how is not gao Shuai old will?Yu Hai more need not say, gao Shuai, the most abusive, but this game, Yu Hai spearhead, take the lead, real fan abuse also!The two sides attack the war, no longer Syria, the national football team out of the war, four goals win, the news spread to the domestic, ten regular pages of a piece of joy, and put bold said: so the National football team, 2018 play, the sound of praise, endless ears, want to be out of the unexpectedly happy in the line, the world’s rare!View of the four ball into the technique, all for ground coordination, unexpectedly not the card shuai said that the cross from the side, in this domestic people are confused, or some people said: this high shuai method;Or someone said: the player rose up;Suddenly full of city wind and rain, opinions vary, but no matter what the reason, in my fans, all for the virtual also, blame camacho defeat, goal due to gao Hongbo, not I true fans would like to see, playing with Chinese football, for high-level ten often shi and profitless businessman king businessman, who is the result, who is too?I don’t have to wait!As the saying goes: Do much mischief and you will die;I wait for many fans also when: often will look at crabs coldly, see how long you run amok!So far, within four years, the national foot all have no contest, think of gao Shuai, two years hard, all destroyed once, can not help but shed tears, pain zai pity zai!To find out what happens next, listen next time!