China Ping women’s singles 4 out!Zhu Sibing 0-3 lost to Thailand amateur players, was promoted by Li Falcon

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On March 26, Beijing time, the ITTF Doha Star Challenge is underway.At present, the Country Ping women’s singles, there have been 3 people eliminated, respectively shi Xunyao, Qin Yuxuan, and Chen Yi.In the China Table Tennis women’s singles open, a total of 11 players, 9 of whom need to participate in the qualification match, Qian Tianyi and Liu Weishan directly advanced to the main competition.Chen Yi lost the total score 0-3 Japanese 13-year-old Zhang Benmei and encountered a round of swimming.Next, the Chinese table tennis player Zifei came out to face the Indian player Mukherjee.At the start of the match, Zifi dominated, winning two straight sets 11-8, 11-7 for a 2-0 lead.In the third set, India’s Mukherjee made too many unnecessary errors and his mentality completely collapsed. Ziffi easily won 11-2, 3-0 on aggregate and easily advanced to the third round of qualifying.Chinese table tennis player Fan Siqi takes on Chinese Taipei’s Li Yu zun.Fan Siqi successfully won the women’s singles title at the last Open.In the open, she still had to play from the qualifying round, where She easily won the first set 11-2.In the second round, Fan siqi started 3-1.Versky kept the lead, winning the next game 11-5 for a 2-0 lead.In the third set, Fan siqi clinched the victory 11-8, winning 3-0 on aggregate.China Ping’s Chung Ge Man takes on Huang Yu Chu of Chinese Taipei.In the first game, Jungerman won the game 11-7.In the second set, China’s Yu Chi Huang broke back with a 3-1 opener 11:7 into the match.The third set, Huang Yu chi 12:10 breathtaking lock win, big score 2-1 ahead.In the fourth set, Huang took a 5-3 lead, with Chen chasing 7-8.At 11:7, Junge Man pulls back.Tiebreaker, vertical German 11:3 lock win, total score 3:2 thrilling promotion.At the end of the match, China’s table tennis chopper Zhu Sibing faced Thailand’s Olawan.The first game, the two sides fell into a fierce battle, 10:10 after the tie, The Thai player Olawan 12:10 first win a game.This time, Olavan started 4-0.In the middle stage, The Country ping player Zhu Sibing just bite the score, the two sides 8:8 even.The two men fought fiercely until they drew at 12:12.Key points, chopper Zhu Sibing again meaningless error, Olawan 14-12 win a game, big score 2-0 lead.In the third game, the two sides were tied at 3-3, and in the middle game, Olawan led 5-3. Finally, Olawan of Thailand won the game 11-7, and the total score was 3-0. Zhu Sibing, the table tennis player with no country, is worth noting that Olawan is not a professional athlete, she is only an amateur player.Zhu rose to fame by defeating world champion Chen Xingtong in the National Games and was promoted to the national team by Li.At that time, the National Women’s Table Tennis team lacked chopper, Liu Fei and Hu Limei retired successively, and The coach Li Yang promoted Zhu Sibing to the first team of the national Team as a sparring partner.In the end, the second round of women’s singles qualifiers ended, China Ping, Yang Huijing, Zhang Rui, Qi Fei, Fan Siqi, Zong Ge man and other 5 people successfully advanced.Shi Xunyao, Chen Yi, Qin Yuxuan, Zhu Sibing and other 4 people were eliminated, women’s singles nearly half were eliminated.