The day with bright sunshine | illusory memories of The Times

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Director jiang wen’s debut “the day with bright sunshine” adaptation of wang shuo’s novel “ferocious animals”, the beginning of the film, the director with red song, MAO zedong as this is a brief introduced to the audience in the cultural revolution era background story of “adolescence”, the protagonist Ma Xiaojun and his friends grew up in a unit compound, the adults are busy revolting,So they have more time to use the excess energy of adolescence, such as fighting and picking up girls.The film has eliminated the deliberate description of the environment, but to the youth Ma Xiaojun as the protagonist, on their own this enthusiastic, but complicated and confusing youth memories launched memories.In the film, adult Ma Xiaojun with “I” is the first person, bring the audience into the youth of this period of green time, as a narrator “I” repeatedly appears in the film, driving the plot, until the end of the film, the voiceover make the film out of the use of voice attached to the screen video of the subordinate status,As an important means of expression, sound extends the expressive force of the film beyond the lens and the picture, and strengthens the function of combining audiovisual with visual.Telling the story in the film is a middle-aged man, the combination of the voice of the middle-aged and childhood image can let the audience feel the memory of massiness, “I” is always appeared in the beginning or end of story, in a teasing tone about easily, director for the voice in the film reflects undoubtedly made it a highly, voice-over controls the whole story of the rhythm,It also controls the rhythm of each plot. Under the control of voiceover, the director can arrange the time of the story and the time of the text relatively freely, which will not give the audience a sense of jumping, but make the audience achieve a novel experience of watching the story.Have the function of the dot eyeball of music throughout the film, the film with the Italian song country knight “as the theme, in Ma Xiaojun photos, found that milan Ma Xiaojun roof for milan, Ma Xiaojun early in the morning, on the outskirts of milan in the three scenarios, it every time the emergence of the inevitable and Ma Xiaojun for milan’s feelings about,In the film, Knight in the Country is exactly what Ma Xiaojun, under the subjective consciousness of the director, feels when he faces Milan.It shows ma xiaojun in the face of Milan, complex inner surge and all kinds of strange performance.As a symbol of The Times, red songs enrich the narrative of the film, and also as a symbol interspersed with the hot sunshine and red bathing suit, together become the memories of the adult Ma Xiaojun to the youth, as if there were endless summers and revolutionary songs constantly ringing at that time.The use of red songs not only enhances the sense of The Times and the sense of substitution for the audience, but also shapes the character of Ma Xiaojun.Influenced by his generation and father, Ma Xiaojun is a child with an Anglicist plot. He likes to hear the sound of locks being pried open, he likes to try on his father’s MEDALS secretly, and he dreams of war.The film’s color tone is mainly warm yellow, and the director’s use of color has a strong subjective color.As the audience’s first impression, the yellow tone can easily substitute us into the era, and the whole film exudes the unique atmosphere of old photos.In the scene where Milan plays the accordion at home, and then the two dance around the house, the warm yellow tone and the backlight on Milan’s body create a strong sense of vertigo. “Wait, did my memory and fantasy go wrong again?Perhaps she never slept in front of me?”The narration is sounded at this moment, and the use of high exposure and backlight has a strong subjective color, which makes the audience can not help thinking, did these stories ever happen?The continuous use of yellow throughout the film is also the product of the director’s subjective impression, “My stories always take place in summer, the hot climate makes people more naked, it is more difficult to hide the desire in the heart.At that time, as if it was always summer, the sun always came out with me, sunny, so bright, it made my eyes black.”Yellow is the color of the sun, the color of summer, and this constant “hot” color makes us seem as sweaty and hot as Ma Xiaojun.Red is the most bright eye color in the film, one of the most distinctive is the milan photos in the red swimsuit, after Ma Xiaojun realize that milan, photos and turned into a black and white, black and white is the color of heavy, and bright red before the strong contrast, milan in the film of Ma Xiaojun question just to reply, “you remember wrong”On the surface, this proves that adult Ma Xiaojun, as a subjective narrator, does seem to have a deviation in his memory, but it also implies that Ma Xiaojun’s beautiful fantasy for Milan will eventually become heavy or broken.Red is the most impressive and memorable color among all colors. The red swimsuit appears on Milan, which is a symbol of love and the memory of adult Ma Xiaojun falling in love at first sight in Milan has been exposed. Milan is just like the feeling red gives people, which has fatal attraction to the adolescent Ma Xiaojun.At the end of the film, there is also a strong contrast of this kind of color. Ma Xiaojun and his friend are sitting in a car in suits and shoes, holding foreign wine in hand. At the moment, the picture is black and white with high contrast.As in the opening line, “Beijing is changing so fast.”Twenty years later, Ma xiaojun and his friends have gone from young teenagers to 30 years old.They could not forget the days bathed in the warm sun, so the memory, also become more brilliant.