The salary cut of Guangzhou team is really serious. The annual salary of the first-line main force is up to 600,000 yuan a year. Chinese football should be reformed

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A first team regular pay cut to play really, guangzhou team top paid $600000 a year, China’s football to reform China’s guangzhou team issued a important documents in the afternoon, a team of top salary is $600000 a year, before tax and the team only three people get paid, 600000 420000 scattered in the main, the rest of the backup is 300000 and 144000 is a substitute,The minimum salary is 5,000 yuan a month.This decision very unexpected, the amount is $3 million a year salary drawn up by the Chinese football association, but guangdong one fell to 600000, only 20% of the Chinese football association requirements, such a policy for the guangzhou team is not a good thing, a lot of players, if just for the sake of wage earners, he had every reason to leave the club, such a low salary,Compared with the previous action on tens of millions of annual salary is not competitive, they can completely choose the Shanghai Port Taishan Beijing Guoan these big clubs to play, also do not know how the follow-up development of Guangzhou team will be.Could it just wages, bonuses, is another amount other club do you want to follow the example of guangzhou team to make the necessary salary reform, which is the focus of attention, believe that there will be a club to do so, follow the guangzhou team because not every club is deep pockets, and relative to the Shanghai seaport and hristo, if all other clubs pay cuts,They are the two big clubs, good operating performance club would pay cuts, so overall lower Chinese football player wages, actually such management from big level is correct, but as for the players themselves, may need some time, are accepted in the divide minimum are millions a year, before because now are hundreds of thousands of,It’s a little bit off.Play a lot of people said the players are not willing to, be a career change, to do some other business, earn more than play, this thing has his advantage, also has his bad, everyone is worried about such a low salary, players really didn’t intend to stay in the team, especially like guangzhou team WeiShiHao zhang linpeng these players, to the other team can completely, really don’t want to stay in guangzhou team,Also don’t know what will happen next, the super league reform can not be so overnight, a little too sudden.