Yan Yu Fu: an interesting online drama Qiao Xin’s performance has made some progress

2022-05-30 0 By

Yesterday, xiaobian opened the network drama “Yan Yu Fu”, which was broadcast exclusively on a website, unconsciously followed three episodes and found that it was pretty good.”Yan Yu Fu” directed by Ding Yingzhou, Qiao Xin, Xu Zhengxi starred in a network drama, mainly said that the family concubine Qiu Yan how to rely on their own efforts, free of identity and family bondage, in the cause of a world, the harvest to a happy love story.The cost of this network drama should not be very high, because from the makeup, costumes, sets of actors, very “network drama” characteristics, are more “affordable”.But a good story and good characterization make up for that.The editing of this play is ok, the picture is smooth, the plot development is not so slow, the rhythm is bright, a little suspense color will not appear abrupt.And in the characterization, no longer simple “silly white sweet” heroine and “affectionate domineering” male protagonist.So far, the hero and heroine are both strong and have brains.Especially the heroine, not the kind of how to shout but there are a lot of people love me set, she is smart, calm, can bend, not virgin, do not accept fate, a tenacity, but also said that he is a “selfish” person, but such shortcomings of the heroine, easier to win everyone’s good opinion.The heroine, Qiu Yan, is played by Qiao Xin.The actress acting can say not good, especially her performance in “list of reed {langya} 2”, let a person feel incredible, but her performance in the play is unqualified, at least progress than before, but her appearance and posture is a little short, especially the actor plays to play her mother, was completely seconds kill on grooming,Her “mother” was exactly what a lady of a large family would look like.In addition, the emperor’s side of the “pet princess” concubine empress is played by Ma Yashu, acting is there, but there should be no pet princess “noble gas” and “domineer”.However, when the audience watches a play, they mainly watch the story, tell the story well, and convey the “three views” in line with the development of The Times. So we still like it. After all, we watch TV just like the picture 1 “Happy”, and we still have a great tolerance for domestic dramas.The object.