Yancheng Yandu: “Good People of Yancheng” and their children donate “Anti-epidemic gift packages”

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Condolences to the staff of the prevention and control office yangzi Evening News network on April 2 (correspondent Yang Yang Wu Qian reporter Fan Mu Xiaozi) “you to guard the West gate of Yancheng, day and night to eat xin suffering, we father and son prepared a little mind, please accept!”On the afternoon of March 30th, Wang Lei, general manager of Hongfeng Grand Hotel, Yandu District, Yancheng City, arrived at The junction of Yandu, Xinghua and Baoying, da Tan Bridge kakou, Tanxi village, to visit the staff on duty, and to send a gift package to each.It is understood that Wang Lei and his father, “Yancheng good man”, Yandu District people’s Congress representative Wang Zhengqing each took out 20,000 yuan, a total of 400 condolence gift packages.The package comes in a container containing one shampoo, one body wash, one hand sanitizer, one toothbrush, one toothpaste, 10 face masks, four bags of instant noodles and one towel.On the front of the package, there is a golden heart on a red background, with eight characters reading “Unite to fight COVID-19, love together”.Sympathy traffic group Wang Zhengqing is Lou Wang town chengtou village, many years engaged in construction engineering.He became rich and did not forget his hometown. He was enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings. He not only offered money to build Bridges and roads in the village, but also subsidized the villagers in difficulties.In order to support the construction of his hometown, he invested more than 50 million yuan to build hong Feng Hotel in Louwang, which was taken care of by his son Wang Lei.In 2020, he was named “Good man in Salt City”;In 2021, he was also named “Yancheng Good Man” and elected as a deputy to the District People’s Congress.The situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger.As the “west gate of Yancheng” floor king, “external input” heavy task.The town’s party cadres, volunteers and grid members continue to fight on the front line.Wang Zhengqing, a construction contractor in Dongying city, Shandong Province, has been concerned about the changes of the epidemic in his hometown and often calls his son Wang Lei to inquire about the relevant situation.During the epidemic prevention and control period, Wang Zhengqing could not return to his hometown to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, and his heart was always uneasy.On the night of March 27, He called his son to ask him to buy a batch of goods to express his condolences to comrades on the front line of epidemic prevention and control in his hometown. He thanked party officials and volunteers for their efforts to fight the epidemic day and night, regardless of their own safety.His this idea, and Wang Lei happen to coincide.Wang Lei immediately said that no matter how much money he spent, he would pay half of it himself.Visiting wenchang community, Wang Lei went to relevant departments of the town government to learn about the situation of front-line anti-epidemic personnel in the town, and in accordance with his father’s repeated requirements of “buying practical daily necessities urgently needed by front-line anti-epidemic personnel”, contacted merchants to order goods for delivery.Wang lei also worked with the hotel staff to design and produce the “Concentric fight against COVID-19, Love together” gift package.Accompanied by volunteers from the New Era Civilization Practice Institute of Zhenzhen, Wang Lei drove to villages (communities), the traffic team of Zhenshenlong Station, and the Second Hospital of Yandu District on the afternoon of 30th to send warm greetings and sincere respect to the staff on duty.”Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility,” Wang said.We should do our bit for the prevention and control of the epidemic in our hometown, which is also the social responsibility of ‘Yancheng good people’ and entrepreneurs.”Proofreading Xu Hang