Zero-error distribution of pesticides will help promote green development of agriculture

2022-05-30 0 By

In order to promote the reduction and efficiency of pesticide use and ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, Guangling District has carried out uniform distribution of pesticides with zero error rate throughout the region since 2020.After more than two years of exploration and development, the distribution system has been constantly improved, and the distribution coverage has gradually increased.At present, the region has built a two-level distribution system with 1 district-level distribution platform and 10 township distribution outlets. The alternative distribution database covers rice and wheat seed treatment agents, rice field drugs, wheat fusarium head blight control agents, and watermelon main disease and insect control agents. In 2021, 17 kinds of pesticides, a total of 18.623 tons, will be distributed, serving 1872 households.Distribution area of 191,000 mu, coverage rate of more than 81%.Zero-error distribution of pesticides reduces circulation links, enables farmers to enjoy the winning price lower than the market price, and greatly reduces the drug cost of farmers.According to the annual survey, the average cost of rice disease and insect prevention and control for four times in 2021 should be 101.4 yuan/mu, which is reduced to 74.3 yuan/mu after subsidies, a decrease of 26.7%, saving the total cost of pesticides more than 1.1 million yuan, effectively reducing the burden of farmers.At the same time, the pesticides distributed with zero difference rate are basically selected in the recommended list of provincial green prevention and control products, which is conducive to strictly controlling the inflow of high-toxic and high-residual pesticides and fake and shoddy pesticides into the agricultural materials market, ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products from the source.In the next step, Guangling District will gradually expand the scope of pharmaceutical distribution, strengthen publicity and promotion, further improve the distribution coverage, and help the green and high-quality development of agriculture.