Zhang Yixing’s music has gone international again: Lian is on NBA court, fit Max

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Who can remember when Zhang Yixing said he wanted to take Chinese music to the world?How many people laughed at.When I was on the “Fun Meeting”, I was laughed at twice.Now, four years later, Zhang Yixing’s music has gone global again and again.From the golden four seconds to the Joker, Zhang Yixing keeps making “international hits”.Good works don’t need marketing to be trendy, eastern musicians, global pop musicians.Look at the super high singing/dancing!The omni-directional degree of transmission proves that in the end more than circle!MPOP has achieved cultural input and national confidence!Zhang yixing’s original music has already been a hit in overseas D versions, with more than 67 million videos featuring the song.Zhang Yixing’s music is still used as a teaching material.Zhang Yixing, a professor at New York University, has highlighted Zhang yixing in his lecture on the “reverse export of Asian culture to Europe and the United States,” so that more people can hear and see Traditional Chinese culture.It can be seen that Zhang Yixing has a really strong influence on music.This time, Lotus is hot again.Want to know, at the beginning “lotus” by burning money MV, see his degree of music intention.In the accompaniment of this song of Lotus, a large number of traditional Chinese Musical Instruments are integrated. Also, in the MV of Lotus, the circle of fire on Waitong, the dragon in it and Peking Opera are all traditional Chinese culture.Here’s how overseas fans are reacting to Zhang Yixing’s album lotus.I remember that at that time, when Lian’s music video was just released, there were more than 400 reactions overseas, all praising The Chinese culture and Zhang Yixing. He really exported the culture, it’s really amazing.Of course, because it was so popular, it was copied by many people.MV also copied, but the whole to the person is inferior appearance, after all, the figure is not good art xing, the upper body dance is not good, clothes are also very inferior, make the dragon, is also a long story.It can also be seen from the side that M-POP has achieved cultural output, which is also national confidence!This time, Yi Xing’s Lotus has once again gone international.The song “Lotus” is playing on the court during an NBA game.The NBA court heard singer Zhang Yixing’s “Lotus”, the tension and attitude of the song “Lotus” and NBA fit Max.When Zhang Yixing’s “Lotus LIT” sounded in The NBA arena that attracted much attention on The other side of The ocean, The pipa drum played The excitement of The Chinese national instrument, sonorous sound shows The Chinese people’s character, with a fusion of The way To transmit The Chinese style music To The World, “Taking China To The World!”Zhang Yixing, the leader of MPOP music, is a do-it-yourself practitioner.Zhang Yixing has really been using his influence to expose more young people abroad to Oriental culture.The title song of his latest EP, Flying Apirus, carries a strong western Dunhuang style, and listeners can follow his arrangement, melody and dance into the scenery of his music video.Choreography also includes elements such as classical pipa, so don’t miss the dance of this song.Lay is excited that the boy can get along. When he says to go to the world, he really goes to the world!The above is all content (second circle of friends), welcome to leave a comment in the comments area below oh ~ for more entertainment information, please pay attention to (second circle of friends)!This article by the hundred number of authors (second circle of friends) first, shall not be reproduced without permission!