Zibo: “Spring Breeze” fight epidemic prevention workers “four hearts” service to promote employment

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China shandong network – – perception on March 31 in shandong zibo city people club department based on priority strategy, since February 9, carried out throughout the city nearly 2 months of “spring breeze action”, for disease caused by focus group employment difficulties and enterprises lack of work, with “online synchronous development, leads to synchronous labor safeguard, post synchronous push” policy mix,150 online and offline job fairs were held, serving more than 3,700 employers, providing more than 114,000 job demands, entering more than 100,000 job seekers, and watching online live recruitment more than one million people. We continuously promoted the recruitment of people with their own doors, employment assistance and employment support.Save effort and worry: Live broadcast with posts to do accurate docking “needlework” four-in-one, real-time interaction to improve the effectiveness of recruitment docking.Due to the epidemic, offline job fairs have been restricted, which has made it difficult for enterprises and job seekers to find jobs.City people club bureau innovative recruitment form, rich web content, launch show “enterprise + post to introduce online answering questions + + CV” four one live mode, with hills, invite corporate HR online promotion job information, working environment and welfare benefits, and establish the recruitment group, real-time accurate docking demands on both sides, build “not close” “don’t disconnect” service,Recruitment and employment will be “accessible to the Internet”.”Livestreaming on-the-job recruitment is efficient and convenient, not only eliminating the agony of job seekers running back and forth, but also providing a good platform for enterprises to recruit more suitable candidates,” said MAO Zhenzhen, a recruitment manager at Shandong Ruibang Automation Equipment Co., LTD.On the day of the launch ceremony on February 9 alone, the online viewing volume of the four live-streaming activities with sentry posts in the whole city reached as high as 411,200 people.Sudden local outbreak since march, the city human resources market rapid response, will be fully into the online job hunting activities, studio scene preaching, inviting enterprise HR for the enterprise could not be on at the same time, during the traffic control that occupy the home also organized the lack of labor enterprise live recruitment, to ensure smooth return to work after stable enterprise, staff work in a timely manner.Find out the demand, special recruitment to help key industries to recruit.Focusing on the “top four” industrial enterprises in the city, “Top two hundred” enterprises, intelligent connected vehicles and digital agriculture, the special solicitation of enterprise employment demand was carried out. 814 enterprises and 2,328 positions were collected, with a total demand of 13,074 people, which provided basic data support for online special recruitment.Focus on enterprises with labor demand, especially the important industrial chain, supply chain, relying on the city human resources market network, district employment service platform, WeChat small programs, video, and other channels, to carry out the manufacturing industry, medicine, new materials, electronic information, such as special online activities, jobs information push, WeChat group of real-time communication such as job hunting services,We will continue to ensure the resumption of work and production of enterprises and provide services for various groups to find jobs.We will provide targeted assistance and jointly strengthen employment services for key groups.Joint the communist youth league, women’s federations, veterans affairs bureau and other departments, characteristics and requirements for different groups of employment, to “live post” + special “network”, in the form of special hold special talented youth, women, veterans special focus groups such as recruitment, online communication, remote communication, video interview, maximum limit for the connection of people post to “no touch”,We will help women, veterans and other key groups find employment.”I didn’t expect to find a job after six years of retirement through this live broadcast job fair for retired soldiers organized by our city!”Dai Xinlong, a retired soldier in Boshan, learned about the recruitment information through the live broadcast of “Jungang Day” on February 25, and took the initiative to contact Shandong Xinma Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. and reached an employment intention.Xinma Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. set up a live recruitment group for ex-military personnel through the publicity in the broadcast room. In just one week, 10 people visited the company for on-site interviews, and the recruitment achieved remarkable results.Direct and sincere: Offline recruitment to send timely recruitment, “face-to-face” negotiation to improve docking efficiency.After the Spring Festival, the resumption of work and production reached its peak. The 2022 Zibo “Spring Breeze Action” large-scale on-site job fair was launched in SM Square, Zichuan.The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security focused on key industries such as intelligent and connected vehicles and digital agriculture. In strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, 58 high-quality enterprises were organized to provide more than 2,100 jobs, attracting 2,231 migrant workers who returned to their hometowns during the Spring Festival to apply for jobs, and over 700 of them reached initial employment intentions.”I have visited the Thai Exhibition before, and the environment is good, production is automated.The operator mainly monitors computers, not physical work, and the benefits are good. I want to come to work.”Cui, who lives in Zhonglou, registered his job application with the company.Liu Yuhua, human resources department of Shandong Lepad Company, said, “The company is in a rapid development stage and there is a great demand for technicians and operators.We plan to hire 38 people after the holiday.There were a lot of people in this job fair. In just over an hour, 28 people reached the preliminary intention, including 11 people with bachelor degree or above. The effect was very good.”Send the post to the countryside, “doorstep” big set to find the right job.We will continue to carry out “job-hunting and job-hunting” activities in streets, communities and villages, and move the recruitment window forward to rural fairs to deliver jobs to people’s doorsteps.At the same time, to send posts, policies and services of the service and stable hillock worker, “131” service, return the employment of personnel of unemployment of booster, etc, for all kinds of focus groups and the vast majority of people provide convenient policy consultation, post information, vocational guidance, skills training and employment services, in a more efficient measures to solve the difficulty companies hire,With more warm services to help job seekers precise employment.On the 24th of January, xiahe fair has more special members, they are the employment enterprises of Zhoucun district, the field of 29 enterprises provide 114 posts of all kinds, the demand number of 740 people, attracted a lot of villagers to consult for jobs.”The government’s service is really too close, so many years I have been working in the field, this New Year’s day home, did not expect to catch a big fair can find a job by the way to solve the matter, if find the right post, I do not intend to go to the field”, the masses wang teacher said happily.There are more than 300 job seekers, 51 of whom have preliminarily reached employment intention.Thoughtful and intimate: labor service to solve the enterprise recruitment “old difficulties” to establish institutions, tamp labor service guarantee.Establish a zibo enterprise employee service center, “commissioner responsibility system”, for the city “four” industry, key industries and small and medium-sized enterprise, to provide professional talents, skills, talents, a line of sewing worker “one stop” three line 7 x 24 hour all the time “decide questions”, “one person one, one enterprise case” to help enterprises solve the problem of employment.In the first batch, the company has established a service mechanism with 204 key enterprises of the “Big Four” industry and 138 key small, medium and micro enterprises. Through the recruitment specialists, they can grasp the demand of enterprises in real time and invite them to participate in various activities such as talent introduction, recruitment, service docking and online promotion. Up to now, they have helped enterprises solve the recruitment of 213 people.Level 5 response, quick response to enterprise needs.For enterprises affected by the epidemic, China has set up a five-level dynamic and rapid response mechanism for enterprise employment services, set up 77 employment service teams and over 3,474 employment service specialists, and established and improved employment guarantee service lists and worksheets, overcoming difficulties one by one to help enterprises resume work and production.Strengthen dynamic monitoring, establish dynamic monitoring mechanism in enterprises above designated size in the city, grasp the situation of enterprise resumption of work and production, labor shortage, difficulties and other situations, five-level linkage to help enterprises quickly solve problems.At the same time, we carry out targeted recruitment, “Zibo – Elite Talent Train”, cross-provincial and cross-city labor service cooperation and other recruitment activities at different levels to provide more accurate human resources support for enterprise development.Zichuan District bureau of Human resources and Social Security staff learned that a livelihood security enterprise in the area is in urgent need of building board housing, shortage of manpower, the staff responded quickly, the lack of employment information through the district more than 80 online job groups transmission and release, only 1 hour of the enterprise shortage situation was properly solved.Yiyuan people club bureau learned that d jiing medical, sheng medical companies expand the urgent need for a temporary work, because of production staff immediately follow up, collect information on labor jobs and quickly publish recruiting odd jobs, only two or three days time success help d jiing medical recruitment 47 people, sheng medical recruitment 42 people, ensure enterprises to expand production smoothly.Sincere and warm heart: labor cooperation to build recruitment and employment “heart bridge” exchange information, increase publicity to play a good labor cooperation outpost.”Spring breeze action” during the activity, during the travel peak a large number of migrant workers labor force, city people club bureau to seize the golden window period, expanding across the province labor service cooperation, active docking labor export big province of shanxi and henan, there are going out to get the local employment will Labour basic situation, targeted information collecting 389 key enterprises, 651 jobs in the city,In Yangquan, Xinzhou and other labor export places, promote the accurate matching of the “labor demand list” and the local “labor supply list”, take the initiative to open up the “second field” of labor for enterprises, and help enterprises solve the recruitment difficulties.Build Bridges and sign agreements to build a win-win development pattern.2 batch of form of labor service cooperation team, points to yangquan, xinzhou, changzhi and xinyang 4 cities to carry out the labor, social sector to promote labor collaboration with the locals, recruitment, training and human resources company cooperation agreement, signed a labor service cooperation framework agreement, continue to promote to realize “four connectivity”,Namely, the interconnection of government collaboration, supply and demand information, market operation and school-enterprise cooperation, laying a solid foundation for the new pattern of “government building and market operation”.