Crime is soaring as prices rise and British parents steal to support their families

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Bills crisis will spark 'crime spree' as parents 'steal to feed kids'The British police chief says,The bill crisis is causing a “crime epidemic” as parents steal to feed their children.S “failure to support people” will spark car thefts as people “choose crime to keep up the rent”.Labour’s Tom McNeil warned that the government’s “failure to support people” would lead to car theft as people “commit crime to pay the rent”.The Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for The West Midlands said there is “no excuse for Crime” – but it is”Common sense” that poverty is one reason people do the wrong thing. “There is no excuse for crime” – but poverty is one of the reasons people do bad things, says The West Midlands Auxiliary Constable and crime commission commissioner.This is “common sense”.It came as Boris Johnson admitted families face a choice between heating and eating.It began when Boris Johnson admitted that British families faced a dilemma between heating and eating.Asked if families should buy cheaper food, keep clothes for longer or turn the heating off, the Prime Minister replied: “People obviously are going to face choices that they are going to have to make.” When asked whether British families should buy cheaper food, take longer to change into new clothes or turn off the heaters,The Prime minister replied: “Obviously people will be faced with a choice that they will eventually make.”Labour Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands Tom McNeilBoris Johnson admitted families face Choices over heating and eatingwhile inflation soars and energy bills rocket by £693 a year.Inflation is soaring and energy bills are rising by £693 a year.But Mr McNeil wrote for the Mirror: “Desperation leads people to do desperate things.”Do not be afraid to say “Working in the world of policing and criminal justice,”As someone who works in the police and judiciary, I can tell you with certainty that as a consequence of the indiscriminate increase in prices,We’re going to see a flood of crime.”The Labour police boss claimed car crime will riseVulnerable people could turn to loan sharks or drugs, it'The feared will be that impressionable people will turn to loan sharks or drugs.