“Four Seas” 7 big Easter egg analysis, Han Han’s meme, you see it?

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After a three-year absence from the big screen with Pegasus, Han Han finally returns to the Spring Festival with four Seas.Since “braving the” han seems to have the Spring Festival to his movie set file it with full confidence (or obsession), though he tells the story of the film and the lunar New Year festival theme differ – and often because as a director he has extremely strong author attributes, so the film utility “routine” also tend to form a strong personal style.After four films, the revamped box office numbers seem to suggest that audiences still have an appetite for the classic elements of Han’s films.So let’s take a look at this “Four Seas”, what kind of “cold film tradition” has continued.Ever since his debut film, The Continent, Han has been fond of letting the main characters or storylines introduce themselves in voiceovers. This is a straightforward way to start a film’s story — straight and clean, a personal style developed by the creator since childhood.Just like Hu Sheng in The Continent and Zhang Chi in Peizhi, Wu Renyao, the hero of The Four Corners of the Sea, introduces his identity, background, skills, hobbies and other information in the first minute of the film.He even talked about the lyrics of his favorite songs, setting a record for han han’s self-introduction at the beginning of a film, which played a key role in understanding the characters.The main characters in Han’s films are mostly young men from a small place, perhaps because of their early personal experiences or because they have a vague sense of identity with such characters since writing novels.They often live in a relatively remote town or island and have a strong sense of belonging to the country where they grew up.However, under the impetus of a series of accidental events, they must begin to face the cruel life and the impermanence of fate with ambition or ideal.How about, reading this description, does it remind you of more than one Han Han movie?Although this “The Four Seas” also did not jump out of the frame, but like the previous several Han Han works, “the Four Seas” still speak out of their own new ideas;A Yao, played by Liu Haoran, is another unique hero of Han’s films.3. Keywords: car director, writer, scriptwriter, singer, even actor……No matter how many identities Han han has, the one most deeply etched in his DNA is definitely a race car driver.A natural lover of speed and engines, he missed an opportunity to inject his love of cars into his films.From the road trips of “The Continent” to the rally cars of “Braving the Waves” and “Pegasus” to the motorcycle stunts of “The Four Seas,” Han has always used his camera to chase the feeling of embracing speed and freedom in motorized vehicles.His love affair with racing cars has become a hallmark of his film stories.”A man is a young man until he dies,” a part of Han’s inner self must quite agree with the saying.The proof is in every one of his movies.Whether it is “The Future” haohan river Hu Sheng “westbound” three people, “Ride the wind and waves” Xu Zhengtai Xu Tailang pony Liu1 “zhengtai help”, “Galloping life” Zhang Chiyu strong memory star track partner, or the “universal” song, A Yao, moving rabbit, the world of mortals “legend” team.The central characters in each of Mr. Han’s films are a group of small people brought together by idealism and brotherhood.And often, there will be a simple to silly team, but people have to generate good feelings, pity the lovely person.They brandished sticks and torches in an effort to leave the brightest memories of youth;They ask questions to the stars, even though they will not give them answers;Their stories are different but lead to the same destination, but they all ultimately resonate with the audience, which is the poetry of Han Han.Just like there is no getting around father and son, every Han’s film is bound to contain an intriguing father-son relationship.This father-son relationship is often dysfunctional and flawed, but when you look closely, the dysfunctional seems to become normal again.”The Future” has not appeared but was hao Han as a hero as a child’s father, the original is a chain-smoker in the illegitimate family to survive the rest of his life;In “Ride the Wind”, the old father with rigid ideas was once an elegant young man who enjoyed enmity and enmity.Pegasus has been banned from racing for five years. He tries to maintain his image in his son’s heart by holding up his old racing clothes.In The four Seas, Wu Renteng, who came home after many years, bought a fake Ultraman for his 20-year-old son.In these films, you can see the embarrassment and helplessness of middle-aged and even elderly fathers;But at the same time, Han Han can always provide a way out of the embarrassment and helplessness between father and son in the story. The bigger he is, the more tender he is.No matter what time, place or location the story takes place, there are certain faces that continue to appear in Han han’s films.Gao huayang, who already lives in Han han’s movies, plays the main driver of the team that defeats Invincible Shinhwa every time in The Four Seas.Wearing a turban with an O mustache, you’re a tough character, not the silly one you’ve seen in The Continent and Ride the Wave, nor the silent diving master of success in Pegasus.Since starring in the Continent, Feng and Han have forged a deep friendship.Though he missed out on a cameo in Ride the Waves (starring ex-wife Zhao Liying), he made his free screen debut with his toes in Pegasus and raced Shen Teng on a racetrack with his bare feet.This time, he plays the captain of a police brigade in The four Seas. He also rides a motorcycle and performs a road chase with Liu Haoran.After chasing his son, Feng Shaofeng is like han Han’s movie hero.7. Meaningful English titles Unlike the oversimplified or literal English titles of most Chinese films, The English titles of Han’s films are always original;These titles are not direct translations of the title, but rather taken from the soul of the story itself to express a quality that fits with it — much like the style of Jia Zhangke, who is close to Han.The Continent, for example, is called “The

The Continent is the track traversed by han and rivers throughout the story;The English name of “Duckseed” refers to those beautiful and fragile youth.Pegasus, the English name of Pegasus, is a reflection of Han han’s comparison of Zhang Chi’s childhood idol, The Star of The Constellation Pegasus, who never gives up.The English name of Sihai is “Only”
Fools Rush In, “Fools Rush In.However, despite this, there are still young people with dreams and love like Ayao and Huan Song who keep pushing forward and falling in.Han’s English title is a nod to the spirit of youth — after all, the original title of The four Seas was “Story of Youth”.In Ride the Wave, Han Han has the main characters shout into the night sky: “The world will not change!”As for Han Han, his own understanding and appeal to the film may not change, and will continue to follow such a “routine”.I hope that in the coming Spring Festival, we can still see Han Han, as before, riding the wind and waves in the four seas, and flying that life after the reunion.