Kaili Development Zone to focus on “uncivilized zebra crossings”

2022-05-31 0 By

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society and the rapid growth of vehicle possession, the phenomenon of “people and vehicles competing for road” on zebra crossings is increasing day by day. Recently, the Public Security Sub-bureau of Kaili Economic Development Zone organized a special publicity and rectification activity themed “Civilized traffic, safe zebra Crossings”.In the publicity, the police of the Traffic Police Brigade of the Public Security Sub-bureau of Kaili Economic Development Zone introduced in detail the legal basis and current governance situation of vehicle comity zebra crossing, and informed that the traffic behavior of “vehicles not comity zebra crossing” is illegal, which not only affects the civilized environment of the city, but also has a great potential safety hazard to the safety of pedestrians.In the future, a long-term mechanism will be established for the governance of “uncomity zebra crossings”, which will be incorporated into the regular supervision work.The next step is to strengthen the investigation of the hidden dangers of the central green belt crossing facilities, remove or repair the occlusion that is too high in the green vegetation and affects the sight of pedestrians and vehicles, so as to ensure that there is no blind area.According to the actual work of road traffic management, the combination of online and offline, the use of road traffic monitoring equipment, on-site law enforcement equipment, irregular, irregular to the motor vehicle inconsiderate pedestrians illegal behavior is investigated.Will unite all units and enterprises, require all staff, strict self-discipline, abide by the law, develop good driving habits, away from accidents, safe travel.Continuously popularize traffic safety knowledge, continuously strengthen the traffic safety awareness of all staff, so as to make safe and civilized travel.Source: Traffic Police wechat id: KLSWMB