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Spring has come to help fight the epidemic — Shaanxi Charity Association struggling to fight the epidemic work documentary charity public Welfare newspaper (Zhao Haoyi reporter Li Jici) At the end of the year of the ox, Shaanxi epidemic again, the situation is urgent and severe.On December 9, 2021, the first case was reported in the country.The number of confirmed cases rose sharply to 2,078 on Dec 22, with 2,051 of them concentrated in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province.At midnight on December 23, 2021, the thousand-year-old capital hit the “pause button”.Port control, city lockdown, residents home.The once bustling city fell silent for an instant.The market is empty and deserted;The streets and lanes were as bare as leaves.The epidemic is an order, and fighting it is a battle.Party committees and governments at all levels in Shaanxi have taken epidemic prevention and control as a top priority. Soldiers in white and armed with armor and all walks of life have gone to battle. The sanqin region has once again launched a positional battle, a decisive battle and a battle of annihilation.Shaanxi Charity Association is worthy and brave to shoulder heavy responsibilities.Under the command of Chairman Wu Qianjin, he quickly formulated work plans, simplified work procedures, released the “Proposal” for anti-epidemic fundraising at the first time, and set up six special work teams for publicity, fundraising, reception, procurement, donation and volunteer services.Due to the epidemic prevention and control reasons, all the staff members of the association were quarantined at home. President Wu Qianjin immediately contacted the provincial prevention and control headquarters and granted special permits for 20 staff members and 13 vehicles.The 63 staff members of the Association have been working day and night to mobilize donations from all sectors of society, receive, purchase and send supplies, or go straight to the front line to carry out volunteer services.Everything was warlike, tense and orderly.Online Fundraising The starting point for busy philanthropy is fundraising.On December 22, 2021, Shaanxi Gaoyi Industrial Co., Ltd. was the first to donate 210 tents worth 108,000 yuan, marking the start of the charity campaign against COVID-19.On December 23, SHAANXI SDIC and Maike Group launched the charity anti-EPIDEMIC Trust project and donated 1.5 million yuan.Following this, Baoji Yucai Glass Group donated 500,000 N95 masks worth 1.5 million yuan.Shaanxi Liulin Wine Group Company donated 1.04 million yuan in money and goods;People’s big pharmacy Shaanxi Company with many pharmaceutical companies donated drugs, protection and living materials, worth 23 million yuan.The charity associations of Yulin city, Shenmu City, Yuyang District, Dingbian County, Jia County and Zizhou County have donated more than 30 million yuan in anti-epidemic funds and goods.Shaanxi Xi Fuxiang Brand Operation Company donated 1.5 million yuan;Huashan Lunjian Brand Management Company donated 11,000 copies of “love gift packs” worth 8.327,000 yuan…Since December 22, 2021, more than 800 enterprises and units in Shaanxi province have donated money and goods worth more than 72 million yuan.Shaanxi is helping the whole country fight the epidemic.China Charity Federation donated 4 million yuan, and milk powder with caring enterprises, worth 20.38 million yuan;Tencent Foundation donated 20 million yuan;Shanghai Charity Foundation donated 2 million yuan;Uni-president Enterprises (China) Investment Company donated daily necessities worth 1.756million yuan;Beijing Yi ‘an Medical Zilun Co., Ltd. donated ventilators worth 1.95 million yuan;Suzhou Charity Federation donated 2,000 bosideng down jackets, worth 2 million yuan;The Provincial government office in Guangzhou actively contacted shaanxi Chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Foshan to donate 1.2 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic materials…Nearly 100 caring enterprises and charitable organizations across the country donated 57,737 million yuan in materials and funds to the Provincial Charity Association.At the same time, numerous epidemic prevention and daily necessities have arrived in Xi ‘an overnight.Starting from December 19, 2021, the Provincial Charity Association has launched six anti-epidemic projects on the platforms of Tencent, Alipay, micro charity and Charity Treasure, and actively sought support from platform traffic resources.As of 17:00 on January 20, a total of 296,600 people donated on the six platforms, raising 6.781,400 yuan in crowdfunding.By 17 o ‘clock on January 20, the provincial Charity Association had raised 136.537 million yuan of anti-epidemic funds and materials online.Among them, 44.529,600 yuan was donated and 92.0074 million yuan of materials was donated.Grateful people help, more when self-help.In the face of the epidemic, xi ‘an Charity will go all out to take the lead.Zhu Zhisheng, president of the association, took the lead and led the association staff to contact enterprises to raise funds.So far, the Xi ‘an Charity has raised 104.53 million yuan worth of goods and funds.Among them, 41.81 million yuan of capital and 62.72 million yuan of material value.Xi ‘an district, county charity also urgent action, efforts.As of January 20, xi ‘an’s 12 districts and counties have raised 170,2847 million yuan worth of goods and funds.The shaanxi Provincial CCF system raised 306.78 million yuan worth of funds and goods, fully demonstrating the tremendous energy of love and charity from all walks of life to help fight the epidemic.Thousands of new things under the epidemic city, moving story staged in turn: Beijing, Hubei, Zhejiang Suzhou……All the anti-epidemic materials from the CCF and charity enterprises arrived in Xi ‘an overnight.The driver eats a packet of instant noodles when he is hungry, drinks a bottle of mineral water when he is thirsty, and goes straight to Xi ‘an without rest.Wu Xiaogang, an employee of China Construction First Bureau in Fuping, Shaanxi Province, personally invested 280,000 yuan to buy 70 tons of Onions from Lanzhou, Gansu province, and delivered them overnight to the gated community in Yanta District, Xi ‘an.Since vehicles were hard to find, he paid a lot of money to hire them and covered the cost of missing work during the 14-day quarantine period when several drivers returned.Yuyang district fork river township river village villagers in the village secretary luo Fu led by active donations, less dozens, more than thousands, 225 villagers donated 43630 yuan.Several old people in their 60s and 70s took out crumpled tickets from their arms and scraped together 50 yuan to put them in the donation box…At 11 o ‘clock on The evening of January 4, 7 trucks full of people in Yulin County drove into the chang ‘an University family hospital.The car is loaded with 80 tons of Jia County specialty noodles, red dates, millet.Students and teachers, who have been quarantined for 22 days and taken 22 rounds of nucleic acid tests, were so excited that they chanted “Thank you, People of Jia County!”.In the midst of the epidemic, the CCF of Yulin City and county launched a joint campaign to raise funds for the fight against the epidemic.From the city to the countryside, from enterprises to farmers, a brushstroke of donations into the city and county charity associations, a truckload of materials gathered at the railway station to be transported to Xi ‘an, the land of Saibei seems to reappear the people in the war of liberation “forward” magnificent landscape.For nearly a month, President Wu Qianjin led the staff of the Association to run around the streets of the city without a break, donating the anti-epidemic materials to key areas, key groups and other cities and counties with serious epidemic.The village in the city is a gathering place for migrant workers in Xi ‘an.On December 31, 2021, Guo Yonghong, vice governor of the provincial government, pointed out at the provincial Charity Association’s survey and guidance that “charity should pay special attention to migrant workers and people in need in quarantined communities, focus on key areas and provide targeted assistance”.On the same day, Vice Governor Xu Datong found that more than 7,000 migrant workers were stranded in Xiwei village while inspecting the streets of Weiqu, Chang ‘an District. He immediately instructed the sub-district office and the provincial charity association to provide emergency assistance.Wu Qianjin, chairman of The State Council, led a team overnight to deliver 500 boxes of instant noodles and pepper flour to migrant workers.On January 2, Chairman Wu Qianjin led 8 trucks and supplies worth 528,700 yuan to migrant workers.Subsequently, the provincial charity association donated 25.95 million yuan worth of materials, weighing more than 2,000 tons, to each city and university in Xi ‘an.Community control is the first line of defense.On December 27, 2021, Li Rongjie, executive vice president of the Provincial Charity Association, and Zhang Wenliang, vice president of the Provincial Charity Association, led the team to donate emergency supplies worth 1,882,800 yuan to the Xi ‘an Charity Association, which were immediately distributed to the controlled community as an urgent need.Up to now, the provincial Charity Association has donated 36.87 million yuan worth of epidemic prevention and living materials to the containment communities in Xi ‘an.Designated hospitals are the main battleground against the epidemic.Xi ‘an Chest Hospital, the City’s Fourth Hospital and Chang ‘an District Hospital are responsible for the treatment of more than 2,000 COVID-19 patients in the city.The provincial Charity Association donated 1.251 million yuan of “love money” for medical staff and 1,016 million yuan of medical protective equipment to the City chest Hospital respectively.Donated “care fund” of 1.18 million yuan and material value of 1.08 million yuan to the Fourth Hospital of The city;Donated 1.148 million yuan of “love money” to chang ‘an District People’s Hospital, so that the white soldiers personally felt the love and respect from the whole society.The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi ‘an Jiaotong University is responsible for the medical treatment of the quarantined (under observation) people and the “red code” and “yellow code” people in the control area.On January 9, the provincial Charity Association donated 2 million yuan worth of anti-epidemic materials to the hospital.After the outbreak, more than 42,000 close contacts and sub-close contacts were placed in designated hotels, making prevention and control a daunting task.On January 1, the Provincial Charity Association and Tencent Charity Foundation donated materials worth 313,300 yuan to the hotel.Nucleic acid testing in community streets is a barrier to epidemic prevention and control in the city.More than 5,000 nucleic acid testing sites and 35,000 testing personnel undertake nucleic acid testing tasks for 13 million residents in Xi ‘an.In the middle of winter, it was freezing, and the detection personnel worked in shifts for more than ten hours.Imperceptibly, their hands were frozen and swollen, and their backs were stiff, but they still stuck to their posts and refused to give up any ground.The provincial Charity Association has always focused on caring for frontline medical staff.Up to now, the provincial charity association has donated 15 million yuan to hospitals, communities and street frontline medical staff.Love frontline warriors, do not forget the vulnerable.On January 2, Chairman Wu Qianjin led a team to Qinghuashan Sanatorium in Xi ‘an, and delivered two trucks of protection and living materials to 130 elderly people.The CCFS in various cities and counties also donated materials to local nursing homes and children’s welfare homes.According to statistics, during the epidemic, the Provincial Charity Association donated money and goods worth 101 million yuan to key areas and groups in Xi ‘an, marking a new vivid footnote to the responsibility of charitable organizations.During the anti-epidemic war in sanqin, the “red vest” of charity volunteers became a bright and warm color against a gray background.On the eve of The New Year’s Day in 2022, the volunteer branch of the Provincial Charity Association (Corps) issued an initiative to the charity volunteers in the province, and the majority of volunteers immediately started to act in honor of righteousness.Under the leadership of team leader Qiu Hua, the “Caring Elder Sister” volunteer service team raised more than 2 million yuan in anti-epidemic materials.They provide food, water, medical care and medicine to front-line inspectors, needy people in communities, and foreign friends in isolated communities.Maintain order for nucleic acid testing in containment communities…The “Spark Love” volunteer service team formed a nine-member team to go to the front line in three ways to ensure unimpeded information in view of the lack of smooth network and insufficient staff in the nine communities they served.Ding Shuibin volunteer service team sent medical protection materials worth 100,000 yuan to 22 communities overnight.The charity volunteer service team of “Love micro” sent warm clothes to 171 medical workers.The psychological counseling volunteer service team provides mental health assistance to the residents and students in The lockdown center.Lei Zhenmin, chairman of the provincial charity Painting and calligraphy Research Association, held “online anti-epidemic calligraphy and painting exhibition”;Li Mei, the image ambassador of the Provincial Charity Association and president of the Provincial Opera Research Institute, has received more than 10 million hits online for her anti-epidemic song I Know You are Beautiful.Wang Peng, president of the Volunteer branch of Xianyang Charity Poverty Alleviation Association, organized a love motorcade to pick up the city’s medical staff for free.”Pioneer volunteers” team of 50 members to participate in the “knock on the door action”, each day up and down 7 floors, inform 350 households to cooperate with the inspection, purchase items, send vegetables, a dry is more than 20 days……During the epidemic, 1,238 volunteers from 50 volunteer teams directly under the Provincial Charity Association ran in 567 communities all day long, charging the front line of fighting against the epidemic, collecting and donating funds and goods worth 5,015,300 yuan, and volunteering services amounted to 500,000 man-hours.According to incomplete statistics, 300,000 charity volunteers in the province have raised more than 10 million yuan in money and goods and provided millions of volunteer hours.In the battle without smoke of gunpowder, every person of the provincial charity association is a combatant, propagandist, waiter, they brave to the front line continuous fighting, wide fund-raising calls for love, long night in public dedication society.We need not remember their names, but we should remember their work.In the great symphony of the national fight against the epidemic, Shaanxi’s charity deserves to be the most colorful movement.According to the latest information, as of 24:00 On January 21, no new locally confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic cases have been reported in Shaanxi, and 76 cases have been cured and discharged from hospital.Of the 2,080 confirmed cases reported since December 9, 2021, 1,646 have been discharged from hospitals and 434 have been hospitalized.As of January 21, Xi ‘an Yanta District Xiaozhai Road street, Chang ‘an District Guodu street was confirmed to be adjusted from medium-risk areas to low-risk areas, and everything is developing positively.Wu Qianjin, chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, said in an interview with The reporter of China Charity News: “There are many problems in the world, and charity has a sense of responsibility.Helping the poor is the essence of charity, and helping the needy is the responsibility of charity.”Charity is one of the social work areas under the leadership of the CPC. We should be more responsible, more committed and make more contributions when the Party and the people need us to do so.”