The announcement of a relationship by a national table tennis player is very novel, but it seems that he did not discuss it with his girlfriend

2022-05-31 0 By

At 2 PM on Jan 28, Matt, a mixed doubles champion and member of China’s table tennis team, posted this message on social media.There are only 17 words in the text: move forward together for the rest of my life, and ask Liu for more advice.The video shows two hands playing a tune, one of Matt’s hands and the other of his girlfriend’s.I didn’t know what song it was, but a lot of people understood that it was Matt announcing his relationship.I don’t usually like to gossip about these things, but I have to say, this is a novel way to announce your relationship, and it’s worth mentioning.It is worth mentioning not only the form, but also the impudence of the two men.When matt announced their relationship, he attached the social media account of his girlfriend, Teacher Liu.Disturbingly, when we entered the account of “Teacher Liu”, we found that it was blank, but it clearly showed that she had 580 messages.If Miss Liu is hiding her information and doesn’t want us to know who she is, matt, why are you tweeting her account?Matt, a chopper, was born in January 1994 in Baoding, Hebei Province. He is almost 28 years old this year, and is old enough to talk about marriage.His girlfriend was probably Named Liu Yitong, a music teacher from Tianjin.Since she doesn’t want to appear in public, and we don’t have to find out who she is, let’s wish them well.