What is liu Ying’s daughter?

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What is liu Ying’s daughter?In the TV series “Heavy Honey and Burning Ashes like Frost”, the true body of princess Ying of the demon clan turns out to be a butterfly.She had a real look with Wang Wen once and only once, so many people didn’t know what she looked like.Although ying is a devil princess, but she and her father is the king of the devil few honest personnel, in the xu Feng body death was pursued by the fairy, also liu Ying and father will take him into the deep, after also recommended him dry magic king, the abyss.Ying is a very straightforward and natural girl personality, she has been loving and their liangxiaowuguess growth strange kite, but then strange kite strange death, liu Ying has been looking for the landing of strange kite.After strange kite in hand after work, and liu Ying turned into the enemy, didnt choose to give up him, but has been to help strange kite, to find out what happened strange kite.Finally strange kite and liu Ying finally fulfilled their wish together, but strange kite died on the wedding day, leaving only ying and her unborn child.