Here are 5 things that scare your cat. Does your cat have them?

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The cat’s courage is very small, a little noise, the cat will be afraid, there are five things are the cat’s Nemesis, it saw, will be scared to shake.Pomelo skin cat’s olfactory system is very developed, can smell far away, when it sees pomelo skin will be very afraid, because pomelo skin has a very strong pungent smell, let the cat feel uncomfortable.If your cat likes to scratch the sofa, place some grapefruit skin next to the sofa to keep the cat away from scratching the sofa.Enclosed cages Cats are free-spirited creatures, and if you put them in an enclosed cage, you limit their movements.When a cat loses its freedom, it will feel frightened, because it can’t walk freely or interact with its owner. It can only stay in a daze in the cage, which may cause the cat to suffer from depression.Screaming toys or sleeping when the cat was lying quietly is stunned, suddenly came the voice of screaming toys, can let a cat terrified, because the cat’s ears are very sensitive, such as sound amplification in cat ear for several times, but also focus on cat, it’s hard to notice other things, will be scared.Nail clippers because the cat’s nails and blood line, nerve connected together, if accidentally encounter the cat’s nails there, the cat will become very sensitive, for fear of hurting yourself, so when the cat sees nail clippers, will be very resistant.The ancestors of cats long ago lived in arid areas, where there was little water and cats had little access to it, so many cats are particularly scared of something as unusual as water.When the owner takes the cat to the bath, the cat will not want to wash, and will even try to break away from the owner’s embrace.Conclusion: Is there anything your cat is afraid of?