Japanese study: Listening to music while studying may not be productive

2022-06-01 0 By

A team of researchers led by Tetsuaki Kawase, a professor at Tohoku University in Japan, found that listening to music or the radio while reading or driving may affect productivity.Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reported that the research paper was published in the December 2021 online edition of the U.S. scientific journal PLOS ONE.The team gave the subjects different sounds in each ear to see if it affected their reaction times.The team used a magnetoencephalograph to measure the response by having the subjects listen to the test tone in their left ear (the sound they should hear), pressing a button each time they heard the test tone, and jazz piano music in their right ear (the sound they should ignore).When the subjects’ right ear was exposed to the noise state, there was little effect on the subjects’ response;However, when listening to music with the right ear, regardless of the volume of the music, the subjects’ reaction ability was significantly inhibited and there was a delay in the time to press the button.Therefore, the research team believes that the music influence is what interferes with the participants’ ability to concentrate on listening to the test sound.The team said the study showed that listening to music while performing tasks that require concentration, such as driving or reading, even at a low volume could cause a decline in concentration and affect productivity.(Source: Unsplash)