Small broadcast late | morning and night temperature difference is big, round is too fast

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Today’s Weather Thursday, March 31st Today’s temperature: -1℃~12℃ Today’s day: sunny body sense temperature:8 ℃ mistral: level 3 dressing index: good morning coat sport health index in duck ~ big little late to broadcast the weather of today’s small night still immersed in the warmth of a few days ago can not extricate themselves but obediently put on long Johns need to remind you not to be fooled by the warmth of the sun on your way to work don’t look down upon this round of cold air temperature difference between day and night never kidding don’t askAsk is not wearing long pants night almost die bao ~ take good care of yourself don’t learn small evening oh or enjoy two poems to relax the mood yongliu [Tang] · He Zhizhang jasper makeup into a tree high, ten thousand hanging green silk sash.I do not know who cut the thin leaves, The spring breeze in February like scissors.[Tang] Bai Juyi from the grass, a year old withered glory.Wildfires burn out, spring breeze blows again.Far fang invaded the ancient road, qingcui waste city.And send the king to go, luxuriant full of love.As a whole/Feng Bin Tian Rong school reading/Feng Bin first review/Zhang Yi Feng Bin final review/Zhao Minend statement: unauthorized, prohibit reprinting, use of the public number of original articles.Reprint please indicate from Hohhot Daily official wechat;This platform reprinted part of the content from the network, involving infringement please contact delete.News hotline: 0471-6564013 Advertising hotline: 0471-6564037 6564013