Health and peace are the clearest

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Shu Shengxiang qingming is approaching.The situation of sporadic and partial outbreaks in China is grim and complex, and the task of preventing imported cases is arduous.In order to avoid the qingming Festival to return home ancestor worship gathering activities caused by the spread of virus and cross infection caused by the cluster of epidemic, many places issued a call, it is not necessary not to leave, not necessary not to return home.The ministry also reminded travelers to pay close attention to the domestic epidemic situation and medium-high risk areas, and not to travel to medium-high risk areas.Don’t forget the old, live up to the spring.Tomb-sweeping Day is not only a festival for ancestor worship and memory, but also a festival for hiking and getting close to nature.”It rains heavily during the Qingming Festival, and passers-by are dying on the road”, or “Flowers fall and grass grow together, birds fly and butterflies double play”, those beautiful artistic concepts hidden in ancient cultural genes and ancient poems seem to come back to our eyes in an instant.This is an indelible nostalgia and cultural memory.Tomb-sweeping Day has a special meaning for us in our cultural identity and identity, in our closeness to tradition and nature.Since ancient times, the Chinese nation has a fine tradition of being cautious and remembering our ancestors.Whether it is the primary and secondary school students lining up to salute in the martyrs’ cemetery, or the traffic jam on the road to the cemetery on the outskirts of the city, or the young students heading back to the village to go to the grave, people are using practical actions, and jointly inherit the thick and far-reaching of this festival.Tomb-sweeping Day, we want to pay tribute to a thick acacia, to express a deep memory.Mourning our loved ones teaches us a lot about where you’ve come from and where you’re going.The public demand of qingming festival, therefore, is not feudal superstition, not cultural dregs, should be respected.But the deceased has passed away, Yin and Yang two separate miss, after all, only the living can understand.Thinking of the dead, in order to let the living people can live better.The best sacrifice for ancestors is nothing else, is always always remember the light thoughts;The best way to mourn our ancestors is to love those around us better.As long as the heart is devout enough, the form of sacrifice and the type of sacrifice is not important, a heart incense and a prejudiced wine is enough.In particular, under the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, the correct opening of the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday is not only to bear in mind the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, but also to console the deceased ancestors and respect the boundless spring scenery.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.Spring flowers, mountains and rivers, the world is safe is our common good wishes.Civilized sacrifice, simplicity and frugality are the needs of the current epidemic prevention and control situation.Return home to worship, gather together, easy to create opportunities for the spread of the epidemic.We should explore greener, safer and civilized ways of mourning, advocate new customs of mourning, remember loved ones in various ways, minimize the gathering of people and reduce the risk of cross infection. Only on this Tomb-sweeping Day can we build a solid fortress for epidemic prevention and control.It is important to both inherit traditional cultural practices and respond to epidemic prevention and control policies.Online sacrifice, commissioned sacrifice and family memorial are not only new trends worth advocating this year, but also rational and realistic choices based on the special needs of epidemic prevention and control.Everyone should start from me, in the Qingming holiday to reduce gathering, huddle together to protect our healthy home.If you are in a high-risk area, do not leave easily, do not let the qingming festival full of poetic “rain”, into a heart-wrenching “epidemic”.Behind every wisp of our grief, in fact, are derived from the love of life;Every time we take the initiative to stay, of course, but also for a better tomorrow.Therefore, it is not necessary not to leave, it is not necessary not to return home.Health and peace, is the qingming Festival the most beautiful scenery, epidemic zero good news, most can cause comfort.Just as in the beautiful rain scene, every drop of rain has the significance of composition, to depict the beautiful scenery of this Qingming holiday, every one of us is not an outsider.