In rural areas, the phenomenon of “eating cold banquet” is serious. Most people put down the money and leave, and dare not even eat the meal.

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Human consumption is one of the important daily consumption expenditures of Chinese residents, and it plays an important role in the social development of Our country.But in recent years, the per capita consumption expenditure of Chinese residents is increasing.Especially during the National Day every year, many people with money up to thousands of yuan, which makes many people miserable.In addition, in our rural society, there is a strange phenomenon: the phenomenon of “eating cold food” is more and more serious.Even many farmers put down their money and left, even dare not eat food?So what are the reasons for this?During the Spring Festival holiday, an uncle around the author and the author talked about the strange phenomenon that happened in the countryside today.”Now many families in the village hold feasts with a few cold tables. In the past, there were dozens of tables and it was very lively.But now many people just drop the money and leave, and they don’t think about food.”As a matter of fact, the situation in his village is not unique, but a true reflection of the banquet in China’s rural areas today.For many people born in the 1980s and 1990s, going to feasts is the best way to improve their daily life because they grew up in a poor family.At that time, many villages held feasts, are very lively, crowded with people.But why is the situation of “eating cold feast” more and more serious in rural areas?What are the reasons for this?Firstly, the society of acquaintances has gradually changed into a society of strangers. In rural areas of China, the participants in the tradition of human consumption are limited to blood relations, which has a long history.Specifically, consanguinity, namely the core relationship circle, mainly refers to the close relatives and in-laws. Needless to say, this is also the main object of human consumption.Later, in the rural society dominated by the traditional agricultural civilization, every family gathered on the same land and exchanged with each other and helped each other. Therefore, on the basis of the original human circle, a large geographical circle was gradually formed, namely villagers, who actively participated in the process of human interaction in the countryside.For a long time, this kind of relationship circle dominated by clan, marriage and villagers has played an important role in the production and life of farmers in rural society of Our country, and has been continued.However, with the deepening of the marketization process, the social division of labor is becoming more and more refined. In the rural society in the important strategic period of economic and social transformation, information transportation is developed and convenient, population flow is accelerated, and social exchanges are increasingly frequent.Especially in recent years, in China’s vast rural areas, a new economic form has emerged — the migrant economy, which is mainly young and middle-aged labor force.Moreover, there is a large number of “migrant workers tide”. These flow factors make the traditional relatively closed villages gradually involved in the open external environment, and the rural society is increasingly connected with the outside world.In addition, while the material living conditions of farmers have been greatly improved, they pay more and more attention to the education of their children, and more and more people go out to study.In a word, as the flow of urban and rural population becomes less restricted and farmers become non-peasants, especially those engaged in non-agricultural industries begin to step out of the original small circle, their human contact is no longer limited to narrow villages.The social network has gradually expanded, and the original traditional geographical relationship of blood and kinship has gradually expanded to a wider range of schoolmates, the same thing, friends and even fellow villagers, showing a wide range of characteristics.But in this case, it also brings a problem, rural feasts more people, people of different income and social status.At the banquet, some people show off on purpose.Intangibles, also led to a lot of people to rural feasts more and more rejection.Especially many people can not accept part of the performance in the banquet, out of sight.In this case, they just put the money down and walked away.Second, the identity of farmers is changing. With the transformation of China’s economy and society, more and more farmers either work in local counties or go out to work in order to improve their income during the busy farming season.And once they choose to work, they naturally need to consider the cost benefit.It’s not worth it for them to take the morning off just to have a meal and lose their wages.I don’t take the time to have a feast unless it’s someone close to me.Wang Dada, from Zhoukou, Henan province, said he took two days off work last year when his nephew got married.Because in their local, nephew married, uncle is the big head.Uncle to give the money not only high, and people must be present.Although leave this 2 days, did affect his income, but nephew is after all his close relatives, natural is to prioritize.But conversely, if it is not their close relatives, the distance is relatively far, direct transfer can be.If the distance is relatively short, the money will be directly sent there, never considering where to eat.You can’t lose a morning’s wages by eating a dinner.The third is the change of the nature of rural feasts.Before that, the reason why Chinese farmers hold banquets is mainly directly related to weddings and funerals in their homes.But with the continuous development of rural society, the way of feasting in rural areas is also changing.For example, villager Zhang Ayi said she couldn’t stand it now.Some villagers in my village even held a banquet for their children to get their driver’s license in order to collect money.What’s more, the children in the family have to buy a car and hold a banquet.In fact, what villager Zhang Auntie said is not false at all, the current situation of human consumption in China is changing.Nowadays, feasts held in rural areas are not simply limited to life events such as weddings and funerals, but also on festivals, increasing age, adding children, moving to new houses, opening doors, selecting excellent candidates, attending schools and paying respects to teachers, recruiting workers to join the army, illness and accidents, seeing a doctor and asking for help, and so on, which are the causes of human consumption, the occasion of which presents an expanding trend.In addition, in recent years, money worship, utilitarianism, the idea of keeping up with the Joneses has been spreading in rural areas.When some villagers saw that other villagers could receive money by holding a banquet, other villagers also followed suit and held a banquet in various ways.But invisible in, also let more and more villagers feel disgusted, natural do not want to eat.From the above analysis, there are various reasons that lead to the once noisy rural banquet in rural areas of China becoming cold banquet now.But among these reasons, the villagers held feasts to collect donations, which we do not advocate.Finally, I would like to ask you, do you think there are any other reasons, resulting in today’s rural banquet into a “cold banquet”?