Why is 3d animation so expensive?

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Since animation is a representative category of creative industry and mainly comes from human brain, we believe that the main cost of animation production is the cost paid to creators.Labor costs are estimated to account for 60~80% of the total cost of animation works.The salary of each staff member also has very big difference, because the creator pays the cost of creation labor the most, and the image designer, screenwriter, director, original artist pays the creation labor to the work the most, so the salary is also intermediate painting, coloring, synthesis and so on salary is lower.The cost of animation also depends on the production technology. The production cost of 2D animation is cheaper than that of 3D animation. Currently, the production method of 2D plus 3D is popular in China, and the product cost of this method is between the two.Under normal circumstances, the standard of full animation of theatrical cartoon films is 24 pictures per second, which is the level of ordinary films.Although the drawings are beautiful, the production cost is also very high, which is an important reason for the high cost of theatrical comics.Other hardware equipment, housing, water and electricity, advertising and other expenses.Costs easily run into the hundreds of thousands.Because labor costs are a major part of this, you need to know who and how many people are needed to create 3D animations.To know who needs it, you need to know the whole production process.3D animation has almost all the workflows of 2D animation.The whole process can be divided into three parts: pre-production, intermediate production and post-production output.First, as with any film, early production requires a script, storyboards and design.Then you need a director, storyteller and designer (who designs the style of characters, scenes, etc.).There is also mid-production, which makes up the largest part of 3D animation production.The creators needed here are usually: 1. Modelers, whose job is to make 3D production of characters, scenes, objects, etc., designed earlier.2. Binders, whose main task is to create 3D models created by the modeler and which must be animated to erect skeletons or their functions.For example, a 3D character is equipped with a set of bones, a set of presentation systems, and corresponding controllers.In short, he serves animators at the next link.3. Animators, animators are the most important in 3D animation (of course animation is a team work process).Equivalent to a live-action actor, he is the one who makes lifeless 3D models run, jump, act and release their emotions.4. Special effects artist, who can bring powerful visual experience to the film.For example: wind and rain, thunder and lightning, mountains, skills and magic.It is a wonderful and dazzling effect.Therefore, in the medium term, this part of the labor structure is much more complex than 2D animation, which is the main reason why the cost of 3D animation films is much higher than 2D animation films.The final section is the post-composition section, which renders the content created in the middle into a photo, then synthesizes the output video, adds sound effects, and finally completes the clip.There are renderers, synthesizers, editors and sound engineers.Unlike drawing power, which relies almost entirely on 2D, 3D animation also requires a software environment and technical support.Therefore, more professional teams have a TD department, also known as technical support.Their mission is to make the entire team, across different modules, better, easier to transition to, and more efficient.They’ll write a plugin or something, just like a programmer.Creating animations is very complicated, it’s almost the entire process of creating 3D animations.Typically, rendering a 5-minute animation at 25 frames per second takes about 4 hours.The market price is calculated roughly based on the length of the animation.