“After charging, how to discharge?”Holiday syndrome solution!

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On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, # Don’t Want to Go to Work went viral.In fact, holiday syndrome is a normal phenomenon, belonging to the transition mentality of the “withdrawal response”.One, why is there holiday syndrome?The brain’s nervous system consciously remembers the actions that occur unconsciously in daily life and reinforces them through repetition until they form subconscious physiological responses.As soon as you get into bed, you’ll reflexively pull out your phone.As soon as you have a holiday, you habitually stay up late and sleep in.Once life patterns change and habits are broken, the body and brain fight back: it’s 11pm, time for bed, but the brain wants to play with the phone a little longer!At 8am, the alarm goes off. You know you have to go to work, but you can’t get up!Second, why work pressure increases after the holiday?This psychology is called the flywheel effect: when you pedal a bicycle, you have to exert a great deal of force to get the stationary wheel to turn.But the more times the bike pedaled, the faster the wheel turned, and the mountain that the bike thought was insurmountable was left behind as it sped forward.The real difficulty is not the work itself, but that we do not have the courage to take the first step before starting the work.So, after the holiday, we should adjust our mentality first.Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio has argued that the human body constantly synthesizes muscle-bone states to acquire information about the motor capacity of the whole body, which forms our internal knowledge of what we can do.In other words, the state of a person’s body affects how the brain perceives its own abilities.The healthier you are, the stronger your sense of self will be, and the more confident you will be at work.That’s why rocking runs, which can be done anywhere, anytime, can help shake off the holiday blues.On the first day back to work, rock and run can help everyone relieve the holiday blues and start the new journey with ease!1, shake run for 1 minute: when you return to work and feel anxious or unable to find the state, you can shake run for 1 minute with maximum strength, which can quickly promote the secretion of dopamine and endorphins in the brain, relieve pressure and eliminate fatigue.2. Bonus points for red envelopes: The users of running ball will get bonus points if they participate in the bonus points for their favorite horses every day.Bonus points obtained during the activity can be exchanged for red envelopes!By doing a good workout and reaping a profit, you can put yourself in a good mood on your first day back at work.3. Spring Festival Rocking video Competition: In order to better bring rocking sports to friends and relatives during the Spring Festival, the winner of the “Spring Festival Rocking Looks so cute” video production competition from February 1 to February 15, 2022 will be awarded 1000 YUAN at most.You are welcome to participate in the Spring Festival holiday and start working without distractions.Shake and run, so that everyone can exercise anytime and anywhere, all day to protect the healthy life of workers, so that every young people can realize their value through shake and run.Have a job to return, is a sense of security;Exercise at any time is the guarantee of healthy work!