Emotion article | “You walk the sunny road, some flat, I come to walk the narrow bridge.”

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There’s no going back. I tried.”There are two kinds of disconnection in life, one is forgotten, the other is put in memory.In our address book, whether it is wechat, QQ, or phone book, there will always be some people, not deleted, not shielded, no contact, just lying quietly in the list, never think of, never forget.She really loved me back then.In fact, the reason you are very clear, in each other’s heart, you are not important.The person who truly cares about you cannot be taken away by time or others, no matter friendship or love.In the emotional world, the people who care about you have you in their heart and eyes. No matter how busy they are, they will take time to meet and chat with you.He will not forget you, more do not have the heart to you cold violence.Silence is the answer, no longer active is the answer, you do not have to hit the south wall, in fact, you should have understood, once no words do not talk, now become strangers, time changed each other, and finally you failed to become his exception and preference.Long time no see. How are you?Some people some things light let it light, now his life with you or not you are not important, why do you hit their own head broken and bleeding to make everyone embarrassed.Or maybe that person didn’t delete you or contact you because he put you in his memory.This journey of life, the extra things can only be put into the suitcase, suitable for collection.And some people can only be put in the bottom of my heart, suitable for miss.Floating life is like a dream, people meet, many opportunities and coincidences, in the time of mutual love, can accompany each other through a short period of life, has been a human blessing.There may have been a lot of good, but that is just the past, whether you like it or not, can only be put in the memory, not in the reality has been held in the hand.The future is brand new, don’t look back.Do not delete contact, also does not mean that do not miss, but in a way, silently hidden in the bottom of my heart, brilliant memories, bleak reality, many relationships meet as miss, entanglement as fate, some people are not suitable for a long time.Life is different these days, not interrupting is the most dignified farewell to each other.This relationship here, season rotation, no ability to keep time, then put in the memory, time will always tell you the answer.It is a common thing that friends and acquaintances are scattered in life, many are passing visitors, few are returning.You take the high road. I’ll take the low road.As Liu Tao once said during his wife’s romantic trip, “I don’t have time to be kind to so many people.”This sentence hit the heart of countless people, life in this world, heart change heart, limited time should be reserved for the most valuable people.Time never speak, but it will tell you all the answers, will help you leave the most real people.The rest of my life is not long. In the face of people who are good to you, cherish them and maintain them carefully. Don’t lose one.In the face of those who are determined to leave, try your best to retain it, even if you still do not turn back, more is a pity, less is a regret.Let everything with the wind, no longer nostalgia.Life is rare gathering, only parting more.I hope you take care of yourself in the days when you don’t see each other again.When a person does not contact you, whether he forgot you, or in the memory, do not go to the root of the matter.As long as occasionally remember, the memory of the other party is still a gentle, that did not know a.May the future of us still have a lot of sincerity, from open, put down, love can afford.Free and easy for the rest of my life, calm today.Don’t look back. I’m leaving, too.Nostalgic people live like a scavenger can not hold the sand is better to raise it if you also feel the same way about me, if one day you find that I stopped updating, don’t look for me, that proves that I have a good life.