Hu Jing: 30 years old married billionaire, husband in order to let Hu Jing sleep well went to the hospital to stop snoring surgery

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In 2008, hu, 30, married Malaysian billionaire Zhu Siu Siong, 13 years her senior.But after marriage, Hu Jing was very upset. She even wanted to sleep in separate rooms. “Husband, you are ill and need to be treated, so I can’t sleep well.”Zhu Zhaoxiang is not willing to give up the room, went to the hospital for surgery, Hu Jing was very moved.Hu Jing was born in Chuxiong, Yunnan province in 1978.Hu Jing has been fond of dancing since she was 11 years old. She started dancing alone in Beijing.In 1996, Hu was admitted to the Acting department of the Central Academy of Drama, where she studied with Zi Yi, Qin Hailu and Mei Ting.After graduating from the drama in 2000, played the secret history of xiaozhuang and some other roles, the film is good, when several of her classmates are very popular, but Hu Jing has been tepid.Hu Jing’s love life has been no scandal, 2005, Hu Jing in Southeast Asia filming, Er Dongsheng director introduced her to the Malaysian businessman Zhu Zhaoxiang.Hu Jing was a beautiful woman with a frank and gentle personality. Zhu zhaoxiang fell in love with her at first sight and began to pursue her ardently.Zhu Zhaoxiang is the eldest son of Malaysia Hsien Group, his enterprise market value of 20 billion yuan, his former girlfriend is the famous Michelle Yeoh, that paragraph of sister and younger brother love because of the strong opposition of Zhu parents and break up.For such a big her 13 years old bachelor, Hu Jing feel that the two situation gap too far, do not want to accept his pursuit.”Give us a chance to see what I can do,” he said.This is a real word let Hu Jing a little enchanted.Hu agreed, saying they would get married if their long-distance relationship lasted three years without breaking up.Hu Jing loves performing arts very much, during the love period, Zhu Zhaoxiang every time takes 6 hours by plane and then 4 hours by car ten hours to visit the class, and Hu Jing is busy in the cast often only half an hour to accompany him to have a meal.Hu Jing sometimes feel sorry, Zhu Zhaoxiang said, can see the person you like, every minute is happy.Every time Zhu zhaoxiang went to visit the class, he did not forget to bring some small gifts to Hu Jing’s friends, which was very considerate.In December 2007, Zhu Zhaoxiang took Hu Jing to visit his parents in Malaysia. Coincident, Lin Xiuqin, Zhu Zhaoxiang’s mother, is a fan of Hu Jing. The screensaver of her mobile phone is still a picture of Su Mo in Hu Jing’s Secret History of Filial Piety village.Lin Xiuqin is of Chinese descent, and she likes the quiet and gentle Hu Jing very much. According to Chinese etiquette, in 2008, she took her son to visit her in-laws in Chuxiong, Yunnan province, to propose marriage and send betrothed gifts with full sincerity.In September 2008, Zhu zhaoxiang spent 30 million yuan in a lavish wedding ceremony, which became a model for luxury weddings in Malaysia.In this way, Hu Jingyuan married to Malaysia, became a billionaire wife.After their marriage, Hu moved into Zhu zhaoxiang’s mansion in Malaysia, in a block of villas in Kuala Lumpur that included a villa for each of zhu’s mother, brother and sister.In November 2009, Hu Jing gave birth to her son Zhu Xiaoyang, Hu Jing as a mother heart is happy, but at the same time, her heart love performance of the dedication and began to emerge, she did not want to just keep the rich family to do too rich.Want to return to performing arts circle afre from wife of billionaire magnate family, want to ask for the consent of husband above all, although the husband agreed, same difficulty is heavy over there of father-in-law mother-in-law.Hu Jing received the script of “Love repair station” in China, Hu Jing wanted to work in China very much, she first tested her husband and said she wanted to come back to China to film, Zhu Zhaoxiang was really not happy, “you have a Caesarean section only half a year, the wound is not good, so hard worth it?”He turned and walked out of the room.In fact, Zhu Zhaoxiang fully understands Hu Jing’s love for performance. He originally loved the medical profession, but gave it up for the sake of the family business. Now he feels the same way and does not want his wife to leave his beloved work.Looking at Hu Jing unhappy, Zhu Zhaoxiang felt even more distressed, more afraid of her suffering from postpartum depression, “I agree with your comeback, parents to me to deal with.”The words moved Hu Jing to tears.In October 2010, Zhu Zhaoxiang was made a Datuk in Malaysia, while Hu Jing was made a Datuk, a lifetime honor given by the Sultan’s royal family to those who have made outstanding contributions to the country. Hu Jing is the only Chinese entertainer to be made a datuk.But no one’s marriage is smooth sailing.In 2012, hu Jing returned to acting for three years, but the divorce between Hu Jing and Zhu Zhaoxiang was reported. Hu Jing broke down and cried on the spot at the release of the new film.It turned out that Hu Jing had a leg injury while filming her new drama “Smiling Face” and missed an important party of her husband’s family. The two had a big fight on the phone and the media reported that Hu Jing was living in Beijing with her son.In fact, not long after Zhu Zhaoxiang rushed to Beijing studio to visit his wife and children, saw his wife hanging weiya in the cold and thin clothes repeatedly shot jumping drama, Zhu Zhaoxiang distressed his wife’s hard work, the estrangation of the two naturally lifted.In 2016, Hu jing appeared in the anti-corruption drama In the Name of The People, playing the role of gao Xiaoqin, a domineering CEO. Hu Jing’s two roles left a deep impression on people, and hu Jing, who has never been popular in acting, gained her place in the entertainment industry with this role.Hu Jing’s husband’s family is a billionaire, but these are the assets of the father’s hard work, the older generation of the husband’s family is very thrifty, Hu Jing’s thrifty style has been praised by the husband’s family.Hu Jing in the “braving the waves sister” program, the body is hundreds of dollars of clothes, there is no billionaire rich wife luxury, no one thought she is now worth 100 million, and some of the move is tens of millions of clothes compared to the actress, Hu Jing is a clean stream.All happy families are the same. They rely on mutual understanding and giving.At that time, Hu Jing even used the wrong hand in the etiquette of eating rice with hands. These foreign habits must be adapted to slowly.Zhu Zhaoxiang took the initiative to go to the hospital to have his enlarged tonsil removed for his wife to have a good rest.The old couple sent the roses to the show.These are efforts for happiness.If the relationship between children and parents, husband and wife, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can coexist harmoniously, and the economic foundation is good, the family that achieves these four points will be a happy family.