Investment thousand yuan, a month into the ten thousand business?

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Hi everyone, we meet again, I am your old friend – farmer Zhang.Thank you all for your support and encouragement all the time. With your support and encouragement, I can go further in the writing road and continuously bring more useful and good information to you.Well, today we’re going to talk about making money in the countryside!Is there a small project that can earn tens of thousands of yuan a month by investing thousands of yuan?If I say yes, a lot of people will say I’m bragging and “If there’s money to be made, why don’t you do it yourself?”So I can tell you that there are, and there are a lot of them, but you don’t know that.I often say that in today’s information society, the master of information is the master of the password of wealth. A person’s cognition is how much he can earn, and no one can earn any money beyond his cognition.As for why I don’t do it myself, it’s because I have my own other businesses. I can’t do everything, can I?Now there are many ways to make money, even if it is the same business, because everyone’s cognition is different, their approach is different, and finally make different money.There are a lot of good ways to make money. Just because you don’t know it doesn’t mean there aren’t any. It’s like people always leave comments on the money-making projects I share saying it’s impossible, it’s impossible.For this kind of person, I also too lazy to explain what, because of his cognitive won’t be alone, they don’t understand for these projects, but have been living in their own world, have been think you see is the only answer, your understanding is truth, saying offensive point, this kind of person is the “tunnel vision”, like this kind of situation I explain it to useful?So a person’s cognitive level is very important.How to use thousands of dollars of investment to earn more than ten thousand a month?If we have thousands of dollars in hand, and want to use the money to earn a monthly income of more than ten thousand yuan, then I suggest you must read this article carefully, although the projects shared in this article are very ordinary, but you will understand after carefully reading, this is really not ordinary.And today I share these projects are ordinary people can do, as long as it is to make money, does not fear endures hardship method to do as I say, is to make money, not letter please then look down: a, take advantage of other people with video to give oneself to make money we brush brush video will often to some look very good-looking, the price also very cheap goods video?Are many people tempted to buy the goods on the video at this time?Goods bought back also feel really good, really inexpensive, and then look at other people’s sales, wow monthly sales of hundreds of thousands of single.At this time, many people also want to take goods to sell this product, but do not know how to start, do not know how to shoot video, at this time we can use a legal, but not too glorious method to take goods to make money.For example, if we want to sell a high-tech product, we can first download the live video of selling the high-tech product, and then make secondary editing. (It must be live video, not the video content published by others) and then add some of our own creative content.This way of secondary editing must be skilled, can not just completely edit other people’s live content, without their own things, so it is easy to infringement, it is best to show their own face.When the video clip is finished, you can go to take goods to sell this product, many products are particularly high commission, through this way every spare time to spend a few hours, do several accounts, a month to earn 8000 yuan is not difficult.In fact, taking goods is not as difficult as we think. If we are a novice and want to make money with goods, but do not know how to operate and have no team, we can release our own works through we-media platforms.We only need to insert some product advertising links into the works, which is allowed and encouraged by the “We media” platform.As long as we can sell a product to the fire, then earn the commission is very considerable, a lot of people do with goods to make money is to use this method.Why others can make money, but we can not make money to do it?That’s because we don’t have the skills, because there’s great wisdom in small businesses.If we just go to the wholesale market to buy, and then set up a stall and wait for customers to buy, then who will buy?What is most attractive, unless it is particularly attractive?Of course, let customers feel cost-effective, so that customers feel to buy things is in the “advantage”, so that customers will naturally come.How can we make it so that customers can take advantage of it, but also make money for ourselves?The method is very simple, we can use the information difference to make money.Although it is an information society now, but a lot of information is not everyone understand, such as our daily commodities, we all know that these things in yiwu commodity market to take goods is very cheap, also know that in a wholesale website to take goods is very cheap, specific can be cheap to what extent, many people may not know.I take umbrellas as an example. They usually sell for 20-40 yuan. Do you know the real price?Usually less than 8 yuan;Also, the selling price of an ordinary rice cooker is 80-120 yuan. Do you know how much it costs?No more than 40 yuan;There are also those look very beautifully packaged laundry detergent, generally sold at dozens of yuan a bottle, the actual purchase price is only a few yuan.The purchase price of these small goods will be far lower than our ordinary people’s cognition, so we can use these goods to let customers “take advantage”.If we main sell is rice cooker, then we will be able to sell a few commodities together: customer spend 150 dollars to me here to buy rice cooker, we again send customer 100 dollars of laundry detergent, 50 yuan of umbrella, and to do all in the name of any company make activities, only 30 before, this is to make the customer feel accounted for cheap,Plus some staff atmosphere set off (shopping) customers will come?Through the above method, to sell a few commodities together, not only for the customers to take advantage of reason, we are also very good publicity: I’m here to buy rice cooker, I send you a couple of the same value of other products, even can again send you a value of one hundred yuan of money, it is to give the customer a “bargain” illusion?Now live on the network with goods, is not the same logic?They also let customers feel “advantage”, and then sell the combination of goods, we just copy this method to the reality.So are we really giving the customer a leg up by selling this?Of course not. The combined purchase price of these goods is also much lower than the selling price, so we can make a profit by selling them.This method to sell things both the use of poor information, and the use of the customer “advantage” method, but also the use of the commodity group legal, in short, this method to play well can really make a lot of money.Conclusion: The above is all the content I want to share with you today, these two projects are really very good, really low investment to make a lot of money, interested in you can try, did not understand you can read more times, you can also ask me privately.I was going to share a few more projects today, but time is limited, so I can only talk here, and I will share other projects with you next time when I have time.Ok, that’s all for today. If you have anything else to say, you can leave a comment in the comment section and discuss it. Finally, I also ask you to help me to follow, forward, and long press the like button, thank you!