Who is better, Lu Xun or Zhuge Liang?According to the analysis of official history, the gap is obviously not the same grade

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As the soul of The Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang’s ability is certainly beyond doubt.In the later period of The Three Kingdoms, in order to revive the Han Dynasty, Zhuge Liang went six times to the North of The Qishan Mountains to conquer the Central Plains, and did his best until he died.It was during this period that Sima Yi, who was as afraid of Shu as a tiger, and Lu Xun, who had military power, could rival Zhuge Liang in Wei.People familiar with the history of The Three Kingdoms know that Sima Yi could not hold on to Zhuge Liang’s northern expedition and defeated him. Zhuge Liang also regarded Sima Yi as his mortal enemy.So we can not help but ask, compared with the Wu Lu Xun and Zhuge Liang, who was better?If according to the official history analysis, we will find that the gap between the two is so big that they are obviously not in the same grade.Since Zhuge Liang accepted the invitation to visit the hut for three times to help the Han Dynasty, Zhuge Liang would try his best to guide the world for Liu Bei and gradually realize the plan of longzhong and Zhongzhong.After years of efforts, Liu Bei in the assistance of Zhuge Liang did achieve the strategic goal of “crossing the jing Benefit”, from a wandering royal family to become the master of the separatist side.Later, Sun Quan attacked Jingzhou during Guan Yu’s northern expedition to Xiangfan, resulting in Guan Yu’s death, and Liu Bei’s undetermined eastward campaign against Sun Wu led to the defeat of shu.However, when Liu Bei realized his mistake and trusted Zhuge Liang in the white Emperor City on his deathbed, the situation of Shu was already very critical.However, with Zhuge Liang’s calm response and careful planning, Shu calmed down the internal turmoil and once again united with Sun Wu to accumulate forces for a northern expedition against the Central Plains.In his lifetime, Although Zhuge Liang failed to achieve the strategic goal of conquering the Central Plains, he still maintained the military superiority of Shu over Wei. Under the leadership of Zhuge Liang, Shu, which was much weaker, defeated Wei many times. Sima Yi, who was appointed by Wei, was afraid of Shu like a tiger and dared not confront the Shu army.It can be said that Zhuge Liang’s military ability was quite outstanding. He not only helped Liu Bei establish the kingdom of Shu, but also defeated the powerful State of Wei in the latter half of his life.In comparison, Lu Xun’s military ability is undoubtedly much less impressive.As a late – appearing governor of Wu, Lu Xun did not participate in the road of wu’s entrepreneurship.After becoming the military commander of wu, Lu Xun defeated the shu army under the command of Liu Bei at the battle of Yiling with fire. Later, he wanted to defeat Cao Xiu of Wei at the battle of Shiting.It should be admitted that Lu Xun played these two victories are laudable.However, these two battles were in response to the attacks of Shu and Wei.That is to say, Lu Xun’s achievements were all excellent defensive battles. In fact, in his whole life, he never played an offensive battle that won a complete victory like Zhuge Liang’s burning of the Upper Valley.Therefore, by comparing their military abilities, we can find that Lu Xun in the official history is slightly inferior to Zhuge Liang.Speaking of zhuge Liang and Lu Xun’s respective positions in the masses, it can fully reflect zhuge Liang’s influence.If the Romance of The Three Kingdoms has the suspicion of over-glorifying Zhuge Liang, lu Xun is far inferior to Zhuge Liang when it comes to the opinion evaluation of the two people in the official history records.After Liu Bei’s death, Zhuge Liang was in charge of the state of Shu. Zhuge Liang made careful plans for military affairs.Under The rule of Zhuge Liang, political harmony was maintained within the shu state and the people lived and worked in peace and contentment.Later, after the Jin Dynasty had conquered the whole country, the local people still appreciated Zhuge Liang’s kindness and thought that zhuge Liang’s administration was not considered perfect by people at that time. However, after zhuge Liang’s death, they never saw any official whose political achievements could surpass his.Compared with Zhuge Liang’s recognition among the people, Lu Xun was obviously much inferior.Although Lu Xun was one of the best military leaders in wu, he lacked the political ability to govern the region.What’s more, compared with Zhuge Liang, Lu Xun often ignored the lives of the people in order to fight, and committed such evil acts as slaughtering cities, which made the people of Wu complain about Lu Xun.Because of this, people of later generations often appreciated Zhuge Liang for his talent and benevolence. In Shu, wu Hou shrine was set up to offer sacrifices to Zhuge Liang. However, although Lu Xun was a hero during his lifetime, almost no one came to visit him after his death.As the pillar of The kingdom of Shu, Zhuge Liang assisted Liu Bei and Liu Chan all his life.Liu Bei evaluated that he was “like a fish in water” when he got Zhuge Liang, while Liu Chan followed zhuge Liang’s advice and gave unconditional trust and reliance on him since he succeeded to the throne.It was under such rare tacit trust that Zhuge Liang spared no effort to contribute to the kingdom of Shu.Even after Zhuge Liang’s death, liu Chan, who gradually indulged in pleasure, never wavered in his trust and memory of Zhuge Liang.Liu Chan not only treated Zhuge Liang’s family, his daughter married Zhuge Liang’s son Zhuge Zhan, but also made an exception for Zhuge Liang temple sacrifice, ministers dare to slander Zhuge Liang usurped power after zhuge Liang’s death, Liu Chan is angry filled with the rumor was put to death ministers.In short, Zhuge Liang won the trust and protection of two generations of court officials in The State of Shu, making him a famous court official. He continued to be trusted and treated well by his legacy.In contrast, Lu Xun’s fate is much more miserable.Lu Xun’s ancestors had rebelled against Sun Ce, Sun Quan’s elder brother, and many of lu’s sons were killed by Sun Ce.Even though Lu Xun once got sun Quan’s appointment and reliance, Sun Quan never trusted Lu Xun completely.In his later years, Sun Quan loved his youngest son sun Ba, king of Lu. He wanted to dethrone Sun He and appoint Sun Ba as the crown prince.Lu Xun wrote in principle against Sun Quan’s action.Sun Quan of natural disposition suspicious thinks Lu Xun is to want to borrow opportunity plot evil, because this is to Lu Xun severely scold.Lu Xun did not expect that the monarch he had assisted for decades was still so suspicious of him, and he contracted disease under his anger and anxiety, and died of depression.In this way, a powerful minister who had repelled the powerful enemy for the Kingdom of Wu for many times, died in such a cowardly way under the suspicion of Sun Quan, making people sigh unceasingly.In The Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun are often compared with each other.However, by comparing several aspects of the official records one by one, it is not difficult to see that Although Lu Xun was superior in ability, he was far inferior to Zhuge Liang, and the difference between them was obviously not at the same level.Reference materials: “Three kingdoms” pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact deletion!