Xi ‘an railway authorities added 68 trains to cope with the return passenger flow

2022-06-03 0 By

February 17th, the 32nd day of the Spring Festival travel rush, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau Group Co., Ltd. is expected to carry 220,000 passengers today.In order to do a good job in passenger transport under the weather of rain, snow and temperature drop, Shaanxi Railway prepared sufficient capacity, optimized transport services, and continued to operate passenger trains to serve the return of workers and students to school.In view of the rain, snow and cooling weather, qinling snow tourists surge in the actual, China Railway Xi ‘an bureau timely adjustment of transport capacity, launched baoji to Qinling 6063 “snow and ice small slow train”, passenger flow from the usual 40 to 4000 people.Passengers who get on the train from Xi ‘an can also take train K245, which leaves Xi ‘an in the morning and arrives at Qinling Station at 10:43.In order to provide better services for returning passengers and returning to school, China Railway Xi ‘an Bureau started running 333 passenger trains today.In addition, 68 provincial passenger trains will be opened from Xi ‘an to Shanghai, Baoji to Chongqing, Xuanhan to Shenzhen, Ankang to Guangzhou, hanzhong to Suzhou, and xi ‘an to Dali, Hanzhong, Baoji and other directions.Freight, temperature as a new round of rain and snow weather coming and the beginning of the spring planting material transportation work, xi ‘an bureau group company continue to extract LongHaiXian xinfeng station hub transport potential, longhai, ning west, west, west, xikang, such as amount of major transport trunk capacity, guaranteed for holidays, coal for transportation and spring planting material transportation.Xi ‘an Press all media chief reporter Liang Fan