After being singled out by China, KMT officials said Taiwan was an “independent country” that would decide its own future

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According to lianhe Zaobao on February 16, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), the mainland’s official media, recently named Lin Wei-zhou and Chen Yi-xin, the “legislators” of the Kuomintang (KMT), and called them “dark independence”, namely “Taiwan independence in the dark”, and suggested that such “dark independence” is no less harmful than the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which openly seeks “Taiwan independence”.The KMT chairman Eric Chu was very indignant, but his response really proved the fact that I said before the current KMT fox tail will be revealed;After Lin and Chen were named by the mainland, Eric Chu responded: “The mainland side’s fierce words may not agree with, I feel very sorry, the KMT’s position of defending the” country “remains unchanged, the KMT’s position of loving Taiwan remains unchanged.Earlier this year, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) published a commentary titled “Promoting Unification must Fight against the” Two Forces “in The Island. The commentary highlighted some kuomintang diehards who” engage in anti-China activities “.On the other hand, it colludes with the “Taiwan independence” Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and various external anti-China forces, which is no less destructive to cross-strait relations than the DPP.Be worth what carry is, named for the state and Chen Lin to letters, said last year two people “sinicization of the kuomintang (KMT) should go”, the two men in fact is the kuomintang (KMT) party chairman Eric chu’s right-hand man, also with the letter as Eric chu Chen recently “party President’s special envoy to visit the United States,” asked U.S. officials for hope they increase during military assistance to Taiwan authorities to stop the reunification across the strait.But in fact, it is easy to recognize the identity of the younger generation of the KUOMINTANG. They are “Taiwan independence”, no matter how nice the lip service can hide this point.A couple of months ago, the KMT was playing a lot of “pro-Unification” cards, presumably signaling to the mainland that it would check the DPP in future elections in Taiwan.As I pointed out at the time:As the Taiwan “Taiwan independence” and the land away the status quo, the kuomintang (KMT) must not simply because of their mouth against “Taiwan independence” and support “contenders” see it as a system, after all, forward that creates the “cross-strait policy” pioneering “Taiwan independence” lee is also the kuomintang (KMT), what’s more, the older generation such as hung hsiu-chu kuomintang “series” stand back,The new generation of kuomintang (KMT) now in power itself lacks a basic consensus on the “one China” principle. Eric Chu, the party’s current chairman, is just afraid to turn his back on it.During the Beijing Olympics this year, only hung hsiu-chu, former chairman of the KMT and a man to China attended the opening ceremony, review more than a decade ago at the Beijing Olympic Games, when the kuomintang chairman wu poh-hsiung’s then lead a delegation to Beijing to participate in the activity, the comparison could see more than a decade the kuomintang was actually things the relationship with the mainland, during this year’s winter Olympics,There was not even a word of congratulation from the KMT. Considering the political manipulation of the Winter Olympics in the United States, we can almost assume that the KMT is following the political manipulation of the White House.Not long before that, Chu said publicly that the KUOMINTANG’s anti-Mainland stance would not change, the KUOMINTANG’s long-standing pro-American stance would not change, and the KUOMINTANG’s opposition to “one country, two systems” would not change.This means that they can never become a support force to promote reunification, because the main premise of reunification is that the ruling party in Taiwan is closer to the mainland between the mainland and the United States, while the KUOMINTANG is against the mainland.The only possible advantage the KMT has over the DPP is that it will say it opposes “Taiwan independence”, although everything it does actually moves towards “Taiwan independence”, without explicitly demanding “sovereign statehood”, which would make it easier for everyone.For the people’s political consultative conference, the evaluation of qualitative, Lin for state responded: “if I were alone, and that the island is full of Taiwan independence”, he added: “Taiwan is a sovereign state, the future of Taiwan by most Taiwanese to decide on their own, this is the most Taiwanese identity”, from this point of view he is indeed a “Taiwan independence”, and now the island is the “Taiwan independence”.It is clear that both the KMT and DPP are working very hard to prove that all the trade preferences that China has given Taiwan have not worked, and that the only effect may be to make Taiwan earn a lot of money from China and look like an ordinary coastal province economically.Positive view of this, of course, is a big achievement, can greatly reduce the unification governance costs in Taiwan area, especially for the “one country, two systems” solution, but conversely Taiwan’s situation is more complex, unified later if need not heavy-handed management, I’m afraid we could not see the future of the sons of Taiwan compatriots to build up the image of the national identity.